Violation CodeDescriptionFineFine after 7 Days
9a.1Parking in prohibited areas, including but not limited to the following: lawns, planted areas, and grounds under repair medial strips, sidewalks, driveways, and crosswalks “No Parking” areas or along curbs painted red (obstructing) vehicular or pedestrian traffic official bus stop$15.00$25.00
9a.2Parking in an area not designated for that specific type of vehicle$15.00$25.00
9a.3Operating or parking a motor vehicle of any type within a building$15.00$25.00
9a.4Double parking or not parked wholly within the parking space$15.00$25.00
9a.5Parking a reserved stall$25.00$35.00
9a.6Parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities and:
9a.6a(i)Without display of placard$250.00$260.00
9a.6a(ii)Displaying an invalid placard or special plate$250.00$260.00
9a.6a(iii)Using a placard or special plate not issued to driver$250.00$260.00
9a.6bParking in a disability parking space but not forgetting or failing to display placard$25.00$35.00
9a.6c(i)Parking in an access aisle adjacent to disability space$250.00$260.00
9a.6c(ii)Obstructing the ingress or egress to a disability space$250.00$260.00
9a.6dParking in a disability space and refusing to show disability ID card$150.00$160.00
9a.7Parking in a loading zone longer than 15 minutes$25.00$35.00
9a.8Parking in wrong zone$15.00$25.00
9a.9Parking without a permit$15.00$25.00
9a.10Failure to display permit or displaying it at an improper location$15.00$25.00
9a.11Failure to pay daily parking fee$15.00$25.00
9a.12Falsifying information on an application$20.00$30.00
9a.13Displaying or using invalid permit or pass$20.00$30.00
9a.14Possessing or using counterfeit, altered, defaced, illegally transferred, or stolen permit$25.00$35.00
9a.15Driving on areas other than streets, roads, or parking areas$15.00$25.00
9a.16Exceeding the 15 mph or other posted speed limits on campus$20.00$30.00
9a.17Reckless driving$20.00$30.00
9a.18Failure to heed directions of a duly authorized officer$25.00$35.00
9a.19Failure to heed directions of an official sign and/or symbol$15.00$25.00
9a.20Moving violations of the City & County of Honolulu Traffic Code (not otherwise specified in these regulations)$15.00$25.00
9a.21Parking or operating a bicycle or moped in violation of the City & County of Honolulu Traffic Code (not otherwise specified in these regulations)$15.00$25.00
9a.22Failure to make a complete stop at an official “STOP” sign$20.00$30.00
9a.23Transporting a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle in an elevator$15.00$25.00
9a.24Damaging campus signs, parking gates, or parking appurtenances*$25.00$35.00
9a.25Repeat or flagrant violation of parking regulations$25.00$35.00
9a.26Motor vehicle making excessive noise and/or causing a disturbance$15.00$25.00
9a.27Moving any barricade or parking within any barricaded area$15.00$25.00
*Fine charged, plus cost of repair or replacement.

As approved by Amendment to chapters 20-2, Hawai'i Administrative Rules, May 29, 2009.
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