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  • NICENET: The Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA)
    Nicenet is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing free services to the Internet community. Nicenet's primary offering, the Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) is designed to address the pedagogical needs and limited resources of teachers and their students.
  • Hawaii Educational Research Association [Posted By: John Southworth]
    The Hawai'i Educational Research Association (HERA) provides a forum for sharing issues, insights, and research findings with educational researchers, administrators, teachers, and others who want to improve educational practice. Through its annual conference, publications, and periodic forums, HERA is a source of information for concerned educators in Hawai'i. HERA also sponsors the Pacific Educational Research Journal, a refereed journal published annually. See details at http://www.hawaii.edu/hera/
  • Technology, Colleges & Community Worldwide Online Conference 2007 [Posted By: John Southworth]
    TCC 2007 12th Annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference PDK Notice at: http://www.pdkintl.org/confevent/TCevent.htm April 17-19, 2007 Pre-conference dates: April 3-4, 2007 E-Learning is passé. U-learning is the new wave globally in higher education. Ubiquitous learning encompasses e-learning and emphasizes learning anytime, anywhere and anyway in both formal and informal lifelong learning environments. As u-learning and Web 2.0 technology evolve, social interaction, intercultural communications, and global collaboration increases in importance. Social networking and learning communities are integral components of u-learning. Through online social networks, young adults today gain a sense of community that is important in their daily and social life. How can we learn from this? How can we learn from our students? PDK/Hawaii is sponsoring the PDK group TCC registration which the above links connects. Under DEPARTMENT/ORGANIZATION enter PDK and click Group below. Regular registration go to this link: http://tcc.kcc.hawaii.edu/2007/tcc/welcome.html
  • University of Hawaii College of Education Home Page [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Aloha and welcome to the University of Hawaii College of Education website. The greatest strength of the College, the University of Hawaii and the State of Hawaii is our people and it is a privilege and honor for me to serve as dean and represent such a remarkable group of caring and committed faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends. "The College of Education prepares educators to contribute to the advancement of a diverse humanity in realizing a just, democratic society." Dean Randy Hitz For an outstanding selection of technology program overviews and lesson plans, see the Department of Educational Technology's LEI Aloha on-line video clips at: http://etec.hawaii.edu/oldsite/vr/video.htm
  • University of Hawaii Education Lab School [Posted By: John Southworth]
    The Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG), with its Education Laboratory School (ELS), is part of the University of Hawai'i. "Designing quality curricula for K-12 and beyond, including professional development and support" The Curriculum Research & Development Group produces quality educational programs with these features: Effective instructional materials for diverse students, Professional development workshops and institutes, Long-term teacher support services upon program adoption, and Meet state and national standards. Teams of teachers, university faculty, editors, and other experts work together in developing new curricula so as to provide the best possible education for all students. The Lab School experienced a devastating fire on June 13, 2006. See photos on website.
  • MedTech On-line Video [Posted By: John Southworth]
    The site documents the use of the UH Education Laboratory School's Electronic Field Trip model as developed with the UH Medical Technology Division. It includes a video introduction along with background info and the lesson plan process....provided by the LEI Aloha ETEC Connections resource for helping the process of classroom technology integration. The "LEI" in LEI Aloha means Learning Enhancement through Innovation. The team's mission is dedicated to supporting each other in providing high quality service to educators for the enhancement of teaching and learning through innovative uses of technology.
  • PDK/Hawaii and HERA Co-Sponsored Conference [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Photo album of pictures taken at the Hawaii Educational Research Assn. conference on Saturday, March 19, 2005 and co-sponsored with PDK/Hawaii and an official meeting for the chapter.
  • PDK Hawaii Chapter Album January 2005 Meeting [Posted By: John Southworth]
    PDK Hawaii Chapter hosted a gathering by inviting Ms Diane Kato, Hawaii Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year as a guest speaker. Her talk was a model of highly dedicated and qualified teacher. She was officially initiated as a PDK member at the meeting as part of her award being Teacher of the Year.
  • PDK/Hawaii Chapter 067 Website [Posted By: John Southworth]
    The Hawaii PDK Chapter 0067, founded in 1949 has been associated with the University of Hawaii but has a diverse membership of around 200 members spread throughout the State of Hawaii, the US Mainland, and overseas. The chapter founded the CyberPlace concept of using technology to bring its members together.
  • Walden PDK CyberSpace Chapter [Posted By: John Southworth]
    WALDEN UNIVERSITY CHAPTER is the first (and only) CYBERSPACE chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. We conduct our meetings and programs using Internet technologies. Though sponsored by Walden University, professional educators from other affiliations are also welcome. Interested in joining us? Click here to contact our Vice President for Membership.
  • PDK Tokyo Chapter Initiation Album March 2005 [Posted By: John Southworth]
    PDK Tokyo Chapter Initiation and regular monthly meeting was held March 12, 2005 at The New Sanno in Tokyo. Seven new members have joined the Tokyo Chapter. Shibo Narita was invited to the meeting as a guest speaker. He gave a speech, "No Teacher Left Behind- Ways to Build and Sustain Learning Communities with Telecommunications in Education." Over 60 members enjoyed a dinner, gift lottery, and fellowship.

  • Tokyo Chapter Web Site [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Phi Delta Kappa Tokyo Chapter 1530; Tokyo Chapter including Misawa News The Misawa chapter is off to a good start for this school year under the leadership of president Carol Powell. Our first activity will be a dinner at teh world famous Komaki's Resort located in Misawa City on Sunday, October 19th for Educators' Day. Entertainment during the dinner will be provided by flautist Nancy Janoson and poet Laurie Kuntz. Our local PDK phone directory has been published and will be available for sale at Educators' Day. During Educators' Day we will be holding a silent auction in the Cummings ES media center to raise funds for our annual scholarships.
  • September 2004 Hyogo delegation Hawaii trip photo report [Posted By: John Southworth]
    This is a wonderful photo record of Shibo Narita's trip heading a delegation of 8 students and teachers visiting Hawaii in September 2004. The purpose of this trip was two-fold: (1) to investigate exemplary distance learning programs, strategies of dissemination and implementation, evaluation and assessment, and professional development efforts and (2) to do a ground work for student collaboration in multi-culture education between Hawaii School and Hyogo Lab School. Dr. Narita's presentation to PDK/Hawaii and remote members: (1) focused on methods that have been validated through practice and research with students and faculty using web-based interactions; (2) featured collaborative application that is curriculum-driven content management and sharing for children and adults; (3) presented a case study of use of community human resources for class enrichment for teachers; and (4) provided ongoing collaborative efforts and projects for the year ahead with Hawaii school for professional development. It was an example of a continuing collaborative venture started by the PDK associations of Narita and Hawaii PDK members. A more formal agreement of collaboration is being studied (October 2004).

Phi Delta Kappa Resource Links

  • Wal-Mart TOY Press Releases (2006) [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Wal-Mart TOY HI 2006This link (currently headed by the Hawaii TOY presentation) has press releases for many of the various state winner presentations.
  • PDK Talking Communications Info, Testing and Reservations [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Talking Communities Events Talking Communities (TC) is an easy-to-use web-based conferencing program. It enables up to 20 individuals to meet simultaneously in an electronic conference room to talk with one another and view webpages or PowerPoint presentations. To fully participate, you need an Internet-connected computer (dial-up or wired/wireless broadband) that is equipped with speakers/headphones and a microphone.
  • Operation Trackdown Form [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Operation Trackdown helps chapter contact Kappans who are new to the chapter's service area so that they can be invited to transfer or hold dual membership in the local chapter. Use this form to provide the zip or postal coes that define your chapter's service area.
  • PDK Pacific Talking Communities [Posted By: John Southworth]
    PDK Pacific Talking Communities website. Needs a PC (or Mac using Windows) with mic and speakers to logon. Password "mod."
  • Member Reinstatement Application [Posted By: John Southworth]
    An individual is considered to be a former member when his/her name no longer appears on the association's membershp list. Former members may reinstate their membership by paying dues for the ensuing year and a reinstatement fee. The transaction may be completed online, by phone, fax, or by mailing this form to the international office.
  • Gallup Poll PDK Power Point Presentation [Posted By: John Southworth]
    54-slide presentation on the 36th Gallup Poll (presentation by Lowell Rose and Alec M. Gallup.
  • Latest Kappan [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Phi Delta Kappan, the professional journal for education, addresses issues of policy and practice for educators at all levels. Advocating research-based school reform, the Kappan provides a forum for debate on controversial subjects. Published since 1915, the journal appears monthly September through June. Current issue: MAY 2006 The idea of scapegoating the public schools is not new, but it does demand that savvy public school officials respond and educate the general public about the strengths and virtues of their institutions.
  • PDK E-Locker Chapter Information System [Posted By: John Southworth]
    This site is provided for local chapter storage of files as well as latest updated membership information. For details, see PDK Intl CHAPTER RESOURCES
  • PDK Membership Form (PDF) [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Here is a copy of the PDK International Membership form.
  • CyberPlace I Teleconference 14 Aug 2003 [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Streaming video report of the first CyberPlace international teleconference and discussion. To view this narrated presentations requires the downloading and installation of the RealOne video player. The Player is free and easy to install. To download it follow the instructions below: http://www.real.com/ Click on the Link that reads: "Free RealOne Player" in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year Program [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Wal-Mart's Teacher of the Year program is one of the largest teacher recognition programs in the country. Since its inception in 1995, the Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year program has recognized more than 22,000 teachers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and contributed more than $15 million to those schools. Last year alone, $3.7 million was awarded to local schools. In total, last year the company contributed more than $40 million in support of educational initiatives. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. partners with Phi Delta Kappa International, the world's leading education association, to implement this recognition program. In 2005, Wal-Mart will donate $4.1 million to local schools with winning teachers. [TOY 2006 shown is Shauna Carey of Champaign, Illinois.]
  • iVisit Videoconferencing Home Page [Posted By: John Southworth]
    iVisit integrates audio, video, chat and messaging into a simple but powerful package that works on dial-up and broadband connections, PC and Mac computers. Based on 10 years of experience with video on the net, iVisit brings you the latest in communication technology. iVisit makes it easy to meet face-to-face with co-workers, friends and family. Or, visit the largest international video community on the net, with users in over 138 countries. Using the power of your own computer and Internet connection, iVisit turns your desktop into a virtual living room, conference room, café, or videophone. Whatever you choose. And best of all, it works. Operate your very own iVisit domain featuring custom domain name, complete control and security - click 'Solutions' on the top menu bar.
  • Talking Communities Home Page [Posted By: John Southworth]
    Talking Communities is a company that utilizes an amazing multimedia interactive synchronous tool, to offer you the following capabilities, all at very affordable rates: Live voice conferencing, Live text chatting, Shared web pages, Recording of events, Seminars and presentations, Recording and playback that includes all voice interactions, text chats and web pages pushed and shared through our technology. Truly global ... featuring 12 languages (with more coming): Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. Currently limited to PCs but Mac version expected soon.
  • World GMT Conversion Clock [Posted By: John Southworth]
    You can use this site to help convert to local times for the times for any event. For an on-going, graphic visual digital clock go to http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/%7Eyugo/storage/monocrafts_ver3/03/index.html
  • International Holistic Tourism Education Centre - IHTEC [Posted By: Julia Morton-Marr]
    IHTEC is dedicated to developing Global Sustainability Education programs that educate young people through "Tourism as a Vital Force for Peace". Innovative and realistic, IHTEC has become an acclaimed vehicle of peace- building and protecting the environment within communities around the world. IHTEC has Official Status with the United Nations (UN) ECOSOC (Since 2005) ; UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005 - 2014; UN Decade of a Culture of Peace 2001 - 2010.