Network Startup Resource Center and UH lead University of Guam Campus Network Design Workshop – July 25-29, 2016



Campus Network Design Workshop – University of Guam – July 25 – 29th, 2016

Members of the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) and the University of Hawai‘i (UH)  traveled to Guam to participate in a Campus Network Design Workshop at the University of Guam (UoG), July 25 – 29th.  The workshop was hosted by President Robert Underwood and Chief Information Officer, Rommel Hidalgo.  Dale Smith, Philip Smith, Hervey Allen and David Teach (University of Oregon Information Services)  from the NSRC and Alan Whinery of the University of Hawaii taught a five day workshop on Campus Network Design and Network Monitoring and Management at the UoG Computer Center.  Thirty one students from five island countries participated including Guam, Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands and Mariana Islands. Students were provided with a comprehensive introduction to best practices of campus network design.  Technical staff from the different institutions got a chance to get to know one another while working on hands-on, technical network implementation exercises.   The workshop was very well received by the participants, who expressed interest in attending an advanced course as a follow up to the workshop. After the workshop the team spent several days providing direct engineering assistance to the UoG and working with the local network engineers and assisting to install and configure a local perfSONAR node.  A significant priority was the establishment of a University of Guam ARIN ASN and the establishment of BGP peering with the university’s ISP’s. This priority was completed within a  day of  the direct engineering engagement, and the university could be seen by the internet as ASN 395400. The NSRC also performed a comprehensive audit of the  university data center’s network infrastructure. The audit revealed that the UOG campus network suffers from a mixture of unnecessary layers of old networking equipment, outdated practices, and several institutionally expensive and slow T1 connections.  

Workshop participants included:

Trainers: NSRC: Dale Smith, Hervey Allen, Philip Smith, David Teach; UH: Alan Whinery

On-Island Participants (Guam):

Guam Department of Education – 2 representatives, Guam Community College – 2 representatives, University of Guam – 14 representatives, Docomo Pacific – 1 representative

Off-Island Participants:

College of Micronesia-FSM – 1 representative, College of the Marshall Islands – 2 representatives, Northern Marianas College – 3 representatives, Palau Community College – 2 representatives, Palau Ministry of Education – 3 representatives