First Announcement

There are two download options below for the First Announcement. Both files are large (in excess of 1 MB). Should the effort to download cause difficulties you may wish to visit the Home page and get the information in smaller packages by using the links you will find there.

Other downloads of interest are also listed below.


NEW! A4 Style Sheet for Proposals (MS Word) here

NEW! US Style Sheet for Proposals (MS Word) here

Note minor font changes from those given in Call for Proposals--you may use a style sheet or the instructions given in the Call for Papers/Proposals. Appropriate adjustments will be made when preparing text for production.

First Announcement RTF here First Announcement PDF here
Call for Papers/Proposals RTF here Call for Papers/Proposals PDF here
Presenter/Reviewer Forms RTF here Presenter/Reviewer Forms PDF here

Registration/Accommodation Forms RTF here

Registration/Accommodation Forms PDF here