PME International & PME27 General Information

The International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME)

History and Aims of PME
PME came into existence at the Third International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME3) held in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1976. Its past presidents have been Efraim Fischbein (Israel), Richard R. Skemp (UK), Gerard Vergnaud (France), Kevin F. Collis (Australia), Pearla Nesher (Israel), Nicolas Balacheff (France), Kathleen Hart (UK), Carolyn Kieran (Canada), Stephen Lerman (UK) and Gilah Leder (Australia).
The major goals of both PME and PMENA are:
• To promote international contacts and the exchange of scientific information in the psychology of mathematics education.
• To promote and stimulate interdisciplinary research in the aforesaid area with the co-operation of psychologists, mathematicians and mathematics educators.
• To further a deeper understanding into the psychological aspects of teaching and learning mathematics and the implications thereof.

PME Membership and Other Information
Membership is open to people involved in active research consistent with the Group's goals, or professionally interested in the results of such research. Membership is on an annual basis and requires payment of the membership fees (US$40 or the equivalent in local currency) per year (January to December). For participants of PME26 Conference, the membership fee is included in the Conference Deposit. Others are requested to contact their Regional Contact, or the Executive Secretary, Joop van Dormolen, at the following address:

Joop van Dormolen
Rehov Harofeh 48A/10
Haifa 34367, Israel
Phone: +972-4-8246239
Fax: +972-4-8258071

PME Website
For more information about PME as an association see its home page at or contact the Executive Secretary.

Honorary Members of PME

Hans Freudenthal (The Netherlands, deceased)
Efraim Fischbein (Israel, deceased)

Present Officers of PME

President: Rina Hershkowitz (Israel)
Vice-president: Luciana Bazzini (Italy)
Secretary: Tad Watanabe (USA)
Treasurer: Peter Sullivan (Australia)

Other Members of the International Committee

Janete Bolite Frant (Brazil) Anne Cockburn (UK) Jorge Tarcisio Da Rocha-Falcao (Brazil)
Sandy Dawson (Canada) Ruhama Even (Israel) Anne Berit Fuglestad (Norway)
Peter Gates (UK) Masataka Koyama (Japan) Ricardo Nemirovsky (USA)
Andrea Peter-Koop (Germany) Catherine Sackur (France) Haralambos Sakonides (Greece)
Ron Tzur (USA)

Current Officers of PMENA

Dr. Joseph Zilliox, Chair (University of Hawai‘i); Dr. Denise S. Mewborn, Past-Chair (University of Georgia); Dr. Doug McDougall, Electronic Secretary (University of Toronto); Dr. Maria Trigueros, Membership Secretary (Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico); Dr. Anne Teppo, Treasurer (Montana State University); Dr. Dorothy White (University of Georgia); Dr. Skip Wilson (Virginia Tech)

General Information for PME27 (Downloadable as DOC here, or PDF here.)

PME International Conference Fee
The Registration Fee is US$450.
The registration fee will cover:

  1. PME membership fee US$40 for 2003
  2. A set of Conference Proceedings, available at the Hawai‘i Convention Center PME registration desk, or by mail
  3. Lunch during four of the conference days at the Hawai‘i Convention Center
  4. Nutrition time-outs each conference day at the Hawai‘i Convention Center
  5. Opening reception after the opening plenary (Sunday afternoon/evening)
  6. Tuesday afternoon and evening excursion to the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) that includes experiences of various Polynesian cultures, a Hawaiian lu‘au (dinner), and evening show of cultural dancing, as well as an escorted bus ride across O‘ahu to the PCC
  7. Thursday evening dinner and dance at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel (see map on page 17)
  8. Costs of venue, administrative work and facilities needed for organization of the conference.

PME North America (PMENA) Registration Fee

PMENA membership is open on an annual basis. Dues are $20 and may be paid along with your conference registration fee (see page 18). If you are unable to attend the conference but want to join or renew your PME-NA membership, membership forms are available at PMENA Membership Dues for fulltime graduate students are usually $10, but this year the fee for graduate students attending PME27 is waived.

The PME27 ‘Ohana (In Hawaiian ‘Ohana means ‘extended’ family)
The PME27 ‘Ohana includes the accompanying adult partners and children of conference participants. The fee for accompanying adult partners of participants is US$170 per person. This fee will cover items 5, 6, 7 and (part of) 8 listed above. The fee for accompanying children (ages 6 - 16) is US$70. The children’s fee will cover items 5, 6 and (part of) 8 above. Payment for accompanying persons will be required when participants submit their conference payment.

Plans are being made to provide a program of activities for the PME27 ‘Ohana—adults and children. Costs for these activities will be in addition to the accompanying person fees. Details are provided on page 13. To take part in these activities the ‘Ohana accompanying persons must make sure to drop their associated conference participant at the Convention Center prior to heading off for a day of fun and excitement on the island of O‘ahu.

Conference Secretariat

Communication concerning the PME27 Conference should be sent to the Conference Secretariat at the following address:
PME27 Conference Secretariat
University of Hawai‘i Conference Center
2530 Dole Street, Sakamaki C-404
Honolulu, HI 96822
Tel: + 1-808-956-8204
Fax: + 1-808-956-3364 Conference Website

The PME27 conference has a web site where you can get updated information about the conference. This Second Announcement (including forms) is also on this web site.

Conference Dates

Registration Desk: Opens Sunday July 13 2003, noon to 4:00, in the ground floor of the Hawai‘i Convention Center. Conference bags, nametags, and Proceedings can be collected from the Registration Desk. The registration desk will be open as well on Monday, July 14, 7:00-3:00.
Accommodation: The hotel check-in time is 3 p.m.

Opening session: Sunday afternoon July 13th, 2003 at 5 p.m. at Kawaiaha‘o Church with reception to follow.
Maps will be available at the registration desk and hotels showing the location of the Convention Center and the Church.

Conference Registration
Please submit the Conference registration and payment forms (pages 18-19) to the Conference Secretariat (Page 2) by May 31, 2003. The Conference Fee is $450.00. Within both forms, your registration will not be processed.

Payment Form
For payments, the Payment Form (page 19) must be used. Payments must be made in US dollars. Payment may be made by credit card (MasterCard, Visa), check, or money order. If none of these methods is possible, please contact the Conference Secretariat (Page 2).

Late Registration
Participants of the Conference who have not sent the full Conference Registration Fee by May 31, 2003 will be charged an additional US$50.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations and changes regarding the Conference Registration and Hotel Accommodation must be done in writing (email, fax, or regular mail) to the Conference Secretariat (Page 2) no later than July 3, 2003.

Cancellation of Registration
If a cancellation is made after the full Registration Fee has been paid, but before June 15, 2003, the refund will be the amount paid minus both the Conference Deposit and a Handling Fee (US$125 in total). If the cancellation is done after June 15, 2003 but before July 4, then only 50% of the full Registration Fee will be refunded. There is no refund after July 3, 2003.

Travel to Hawai‘i
More than six million visitors come to Hawai‘i every year, and nearly 15 million pass through Honolulu on their way to points in Asia and the U.S. Few cities can match Honolulu's transportation infrastructure. When it comes to moving people, the city’s ground transportation capability is second to none. Sixteen international airlines service Honolulu International Airport. Two domestic airlines also serve regular scheduled inter-island flights between the neighboring islands with more than 3,000 flights per week. American Airlines is the official conference airline.

All bookings made for travel from July 6 to July 25 made through the official American Airlines booking code (A0473AA) will receive 10% discount on applicable fares. If the reservation is made at least 30 days before departure, an additional discount of 5% will be applied.

Arrival in Hawai‘i
From the airport to the Waikiki Hotels takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Shuttle service to Waikiki is US$14-$16. Abundant taxi service is available around the clock for approximately US$25-$30. Oahu’s TheBus (US$1.50 to Waikiki) is rated as one of the best public bus transportation systems in the United States. Take bus #19 or #20 to Waikiki.

You may need a visa to enter the USA. To determine whether you need a visa, we advise you to contact the United States Embassy or diplomatic representative in your country. For prospective participants who live in countries that do not have diplomatic relations with the USA, there may be a way to issue a special entrance visa, separated from your passport, for attending a scientific conference in the USA. For instructions on how to obtain such a visa, please contact Sandy Dawson, Program Chair ( at once as this procedure may take some time.

The organizers cannot be held responsible for any losses, damages or injuries. It is recommended that participants arrange insurance against medical expenses, loss and accidents occurring during the conference.

Pre- and Post-Conference Tours
Information regarding travelling in Hawai‘i before and/or after the conference will appear on the PME27 website. Roberts Hawai‘i is the local travel agent that can arrange pre- and post-conference trips on O‘ahu and neighbor islands. Participants should identify themselves as PME27 attendees when contacting Roberts Hawai‘i.

Child Care Facilities
Hotels do provide children’s programs. Contact your hotel for the cost of these.

Weather on all of the Hawaiian Islands is very consistent, with only moderate changes in temperature throughout the year. In practical terms, there are only two seasons here: the summer months (called Kau in Hawaiian) that extend from May to October and the winter months (Ho‘oilo) that run from November to April. The average daytime summer temperature at sea level is 85 F (29.4 C). Nighttime temperatures are approximately 10 F lower.

Beach-goers will be happy to learn that the temperature of Hawai‘i's near-shore waters stay comfortable throughout the year. The average year round water temperature is 74 F (23.3 C), with a summer high of 80 F (26.7 C). Wave action varies a great deal between winter and summer, and between island coasts. Generally, summer waters are very gentle on all beaches.

Casual is the name of the dress code for Hawai‘i. Formal Hawaiian dress for men is an aloha shirt and slacks. For women it is a comfortable top and skirt or wrap around. Sandals are the shoes of choice.

Electrical Voltage
The electric voltage in the USA is 120V. For those participants not from continental North America it is strongly recommended that they bring electrical plug adapters and transformers with them.

Information Sources for PME27
In order to allow faster and safer communication between the conference participants and the organizers, email is the preferred way of communication whenever possible (see the Conference Secretariat's address on Page 2). PME27 Conference has a website ( where you can get updated relevant information, such as the registration and accommodation packages.

Extra Copies of the Conference Proceedings
PME members (in 2003) may purchase (extra) copies of the Conference Proceedings at a special price of US$45 provided they order and pay for them before May 31, 2003. This may be done by participants wishing to have additional copies or by PME members who cannot attend the PME27 Conference. The regular price for a copy of the Conference Proceedings for non-members is US$65. Those wishing to receive the proceedings by mail should add US$35 postage cost to the above price of the proceedings. The proceedings will be mailed after the end of the PME27 Conference. Please note that the surface mail to destinations other than the US mainland might take several weeks, or even months. We strongly encourage you to pick your extra copies up at the conference either personally or by asking a colleague to do it.

Letters of Invitation
Participants who need a personal invitation for funding purposes should contact Sandy Dawson, Program Chair ( requesting a letter of invitation and stating their intended contribution to the scientific Program of the PME27 Conference.

Alternate Meal Preferences
Please indicate on the Conference Payment form (page 19) if you prefer vegetarian or kosher meals.

Call for Donations to Skemp Fund
The International Committee calls on members to make donations, however small, to the Skemp Fund to enable PME to support more people to attend PME27 Conference. Donations may be noted on the Conference Final Registration Form (see page 18).

Emergency Phone Numbers
For after hours emergencies during the conference, the following people may be contacted for assistance:
Glen Schmitt: 808-722-8418 or 808-941-3572
Sandy Dawson: 808-946-6810 or 808-256-5587