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Executive Policies Chapter 5 Academic Affairs

Section Description Effective Date
EP 5.101 Authority to Award Degrees and Certificates for Programs Authorized by the Board of Regents 2014-10
EP 5.102 Authority to Implement BOR policy Governing University of Hawai‘i Program Certifications (degrees, diplomas, and certificates) Conferred by the BOR 2014-10
EP 5.201 Approval of New Academic Programs and Review of Provisional Academic Programs May 2014
EP 5.202 Review of Established Programs 2017-05
EP 5.203 University of Hawaii Program Credentials 2016-08
EP 5.204 Distance and Online Learning 2017-01
EP 5.205 Academic Minors and Certificate Credentials 2014-11
EP 5.206 Awarding of Honorary Degrees and Regents’ Medals 2014-10
EP 5.208 Nonresident Enrollment Cap 2014-10
EP 5.209 University of Hawaii System Student Transfer and Inter-Campus Articulation May 2014
EP 5.210 Institutional Accountability and Performance 2014-10
EP 5.212 Foreign Inter-institutional Affiliates (International Agreements) 2014-10
EP 5.215 Establishment and Review of Centers 2014-10
EP 5.217 Reinstatement of Deployed Active-Duty Military, Hawaii National Guard, and Reservists 2014-10
EP 5.219 Department Chairs, Special Program Directors and Chairs of Academic Subdivisions, and Cooperating Teachers/Counselors and Observation/Participation 2014-10
EP 5.220 Faculty Exchange 2014-10
EP 5.221 Classification of Faculty 2014-10
EP 5.222 High Demand 2014-10
EP 5.223 Graduate Assistants 2016-08
EP 5.228 Credit Hour 2014-12
EP 5.229 Programs with Low Number of Degrees Conferred 2016-05