Executive Policy 7.302 Executive Policy 7.302


Preferred Name


Executive Policy Chapter 7, Student Affairs
Executive Policy EP 7.302, Preferred Name
Effective Date:  August 2016
Prior Dates Amended:  none (new)
Responsible Office:  Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Governing Board of Regents Policy RP
Review Date:  August 2018

I. Purpose

    A.  To set forth a policy to support students who have a preferred name, such as a Hawaiian name, an international name, or a name that is concurrent with their gender identity.

    B.  The goal of this policy is to enable a consistent preferred name experience across the University of Hawai‘i system and use of one's preferred name wherever legal name is not absolutely necessary.

    C.  The option to use preferred name shall be available to all students as long as the use of the preferred name is not for the purpose of fraud or misrepresentation.

II. Definitions

    A.  “Preferred name” is the name that a student uses consistently and regularly, other than their legal name.

    B.  “Legal name” is the name that a student has listed as their name of record on an official government-issued document such as birth certificate, passport, etc.

III. Executive Policy

    A.  The University acknowledges that a preferred name may be used whenever possible in the course of University business and education. 

    B.  The University shall permit the use of a preferred name by any student who wishes to choose to identify themselves within the University’s information systems with a preferred name in addition to their legal name.

    C.  It is further understood that the preferred name may be used in University communications and reporting, except where the use of the legal name is necessitated by University business or legal requirement.

    D.  University departments will be instructed to utilize preferred name in their business practices.

    E.  This policy is limited to first names and not surnames or family names. This policy may be modified, changed, altered, or rescinded at the discretion of the University.

    F.  The University will utilize a "Preferred Name" that is different than a legal name, upon completion of the process described below:

    G.  Retrieve, complete, and sign the University Form for Use of Preferred Name.

    H.  After completing the form, students must submit the form to the Office of the Registrar at the home campus.

    I.  The form will explain the terms and conditions under which the preferred name will be used. The form states where the preferred name will appear, such as "on identification cards, class rosters, and directories such as Laulima and STAR."

    J.  Appeals shall be submitted in writing to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs within five (5) working days of the decision. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or designee, shall review the case and issue a decision within ten (10) working days of receipt of the appeal. Appeal decisions will be final and binding within the University.

    K.  Students will also have access to the “alias” feature to develop a hawaii.edu email address that reflects their preferred name.

    L.  Students who wish to change their official name of record must submit official documentation (e.g., court order, divorce decree) directly to the Office of the Registrar.

    M.  The University will make every effort to display preferred first name to the University community where feasible and appropriate and make a good faith effort to update reports, documents and systems.

    N.  Legal name will still be used on certain records, including official transcripts, diplomas, paychecks, payroll records, enrollment verifications, medical records, financial aid documents and other records, which require use of an official name of record.

    O.  UH reserves the right to deny or remove, with or without notice, any preferred name for misuse, including but not limited to fraud, misrepresentation, attempting to avoid legal obligation, or the use of highly offensive or derogatory names.

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no policy specific delegation of authority.

V. Contact Information

Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Telephone: (808) 956-8753
Email: avpsa@hawaii.edu

VI. References

    A.  Regents Policy RP1.205 Policy on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action
    B.  Executive Policy EP1.202 University Statement of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action
    C.  Executive Policy EP1.204 Interim Policy and Procedure on Sex Discrimination and Gender-Based Violence

VII. Exhibits and Appendices

No Exhibits and Appendices found


    David Lassner    
    August 23, 2016    


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