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Sources of Soviet deaths


Some regimes have murdered 10,000,000 or more people. This is more than the death toll of World War I. Three regimes have even murdered more than 20,000,000, itself more than the combat dead of World War II. No one can absorb these numbers; they are intellectually and morally indigestible. Beyond belief. By far, the media and literature on genocide and mass murder have devoted most attention to the Holocaust. But even those publicizing this particular evil seem unaware of the total murdered by Hitler and his henchmen-about 21,000,000. Moreover, aside from the Holocaust, there seems to be little general knowledge that there were even greater megamurderers. The purpose of this theme page, then, is to reference what is available on this site that deals with these truly evil regimes. I hope that thereby more attention will be devoted to them, that we learn from their bloodletting, and that their mountain of victims will be remembered and memorialized.


I handled hundreds of signals to all parts of the Soviet Union which were couched in the following form:

"To N.K.V.D., Frunze. You are charged with the task of exterminating 10,000 enemies of the people. Report results by signal.--Yezhov."

And in due course the reply would come back:

"In reply to yours of such-and-such date, the following enemies of the Soviet people have been shot."

----Former Soviet Spy-Chief Vladimir Petrov

Sources of Chinese deaths
  • Chinese democide[2]:

    • Book: China's Bloody Century: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900. Rutgers, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 1991: Preface, Chapter 1, Methods Appendix, References, and all tables of estimates, calculations and sources for each historical period.

    • References: overall sources for estimates, quotes, and information

    • Chapter: Overview

      • the PRC, October 1949-1987: estimates, calculations, and sources,
        • Table: totalization period to overall forced labor, table rows 1-539

        • Table: famines to disasters/earth quakes, table rows 541-856

    • Chapter segment on Mao's land reform, communes, Great Leap Forward, and famine. [15]

    • Chapter segment on the Cultural Revolution[15]

    • "Reevaluating China's Democide to be 73,000,000" 11/20/05

The figure in the upper right is from Figure 1.3 of Lethal Politics. That for Chinese deaths in the upper middle right is from Figure 1.2 of China's Bloody Century.
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