Hanging revolutionaries

As part of Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I, Czechs were reluctantly forced to fight the Russians. Recognizing Czech soldiers as potential allies, the Russians formed a Czech legion from those they had captured and promised them that if Russia won the war, Czechoslovakia would be given its independence. When the Russian Revolution and subsequent Civil War broke out, the League was stranded in Russia. With their easiest route out of Russia blocked, they decided to try to reach freedom by moving east. Along the way they fought the communists and as they moved through inhabited areas they often murdered communist revolutionaries. They did finally reach Vladivostok, then under Japanese control, and got shipping back home. In part because their widely reported struggle across Russia became famous, Czechoslovakia did achieve independence. Here is shown the Czech Legion hanging twelve revolutionaries in Ekaterinburg. Source: "Images Of Civil War": The Czechoslovak Legion in Russia.

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