I had withdrawn the cropped photo that was here and is shown in the Room 2 thumbnail. Doubt about its authenticity was raised here, and by an email from a person writing a book on German soldiers who pointed out that the soldier's uniform is wrong. I thus withdrew the photo and posted a blog explaining why and asking for any information people might have on the photo. I also asked on the H-Genocide list for such information. The responses I received well indicate the photo is real, and provided me the uncropped photo here. I explain this in my blog. The photo has been the target of Holocaust deniers, and its special display of barbaric inhumanity encapsulated in a he-on-her dramatic atrocity, shows why. Here we have a soldier about to shoot a mother holding her child tightly while trying to escape the grave nearby. Why shoot her and doubtlessly her child? Violently steal their precious lives? Simple. They are Jews.

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