Women and Children to be murdered

Another Mylai photo. From the source:
"With bodies and burning huts all around them [American] troops had accosted the young 13-year-old girl seen here trying to button her top. Another woman tries to hold back the girl's distraught mother. When the troops noticed Haeberle, the photographer, they stopped and turned away as if everything was normal.

"Then a soldier asked, 'Well, what'll we do with 'em?'"

"Kill 'em," another answered."

"I heard an M60 go off," says Roberts, "a light machine gun, and when we turned back around, all of them and the kids with them were dead."

Documentation: Statistics of Democide. Source: "The Massacre at Mylai". Photographs by Ronald L. Haeberle from LIFE December 5, 1969 (c) Time Inc.

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