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The Acrobat Reader pdf of Saving Lives, Enriching Life is 6.635 mb. If you are downloading through a modem, you may prefer the shorter downloads of each chapter. I also have given these below. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from this link: Download Acrobat Reader.

Download Saving Lives, Enriching Life pdf

Download Cover/Contents/Preface pdf

Download Chapter 1 pdf

Download Chapter 2 pdf

Download Chapter 3 pdf

Download Chapter 4 pdf

Download Chapter 5 pdf

Download Chapter 6 pdf

Download Chapter 7 pdf

Download Chapter 8 pdf

Download Appendix pdf


In Chapter 1, in the following the sentence regarding Burma, change 1989 to 1988: "This might have changed in 1990, when the military caved in to considerable international pressure resulting from their 1989 massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators, and held real democratic elections."

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