Thank you for participating in the elections for the 2014-2015 PMA Executive Board! Please view the profiles of the candidates below. Don't forget to submit your vote on Thursday, April 17 at the Fourth General Meeting!


Name: Andrea Orcine
Major/Minor: Biology, Theatre minor
Career Interest: Pediatrics
Number of Semesters with PMA: 6

My name is Andrea Orcine, and I'm a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Theatre. After I graduate with my Bachelor's at UH Manoa, I aspire to attend medical school and pursue a career as a pediatrician (or any any specialty that interests me in medical school). I was born and raised on the island of Oahu and was a 2011 graduate from Pearl City High School. I currently work as a peer advisor at the Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center (PAC) and as a 6th grade Sunday School Teacher. I absolutely enjoy traveling -I am intrigued by the different cultures and the delicious and exotic foods offered abroad. In my free time, I enjoy playing intramural basketball with friends, watching the latest movies at the movie theatre, and trying new restaurants around the island!

Name: Sherilyn Palafox
Major/Minor: Biology and Nutrition
Career Interest: Internal Medicine
Number of Semesters with PMA: 10

My name is Sherilyn Palafox and I’ve been a member in PMA for 10 semesters.  I’m studying Biology and Nutrition because I believe both go hand in hand in the medical field.  Everyone needs to eat to live, right?  Currently, I’m working as an undergrad research assistant here at UHM and also as an ER volunteer at Queens Medical Center.  My career goal is to be a physician that works in Internal Medicine.  My hobbies include putting together jigsaw puzzles and if I had a balcony, I’d stargaze for a shooting star to wish upon. 


Name: Daniella Orias
Major/Minor: Human Nutrition
Career Interest: Family Medicine
Number of semesters with PMA: 8
Autobiography :
I was born in Oakland, California and was raised on Oahu. I am majoring in Human Nutrition with plans to double major in biology. I have worked as a dental assistant, tutor, and am currently employed as a student notetaker. I also currently do work as a student research assistant for MBBE at CTAHR. I have volunteered for various organizations and hospitals, but other than PMA, I am currently serving as a student ambassador for my college and will be a part of the RIO and funding committee for next year. In the future I hope to become an MD in family practice. During my free time, I like to experiment with cooking/baking as well as anything else that's fun.



Name: Charlene Caraang
Major/Minor: Biology
Career Interest: Pediatric Neurology
Number of Semesters with PMA: 2


Hi everyone! My name is Charlene Caraang and I am running for Pre-Med Association Secretary. I was born and raised in the Philippines until I was three, but was soon raised in Hawaii for the next 17 years of my life and graduated from Pearl City High School. As a current sophomore and incoming Junior, I am currently majoring in Biology, gradually preparing myself for the MCAT that will be changing next year. Right now, I’m a studious student, so you’ll probably see me in either our classes together, the learning emporium, my late nights at Sinclair, or especially our many PMA socials. Aside from being a student, I am also a mentee in the Medical Student Mentoring Program (MSMP) with a first year medical student mentor as well as a mentee under a neurologist at the West Shore Neurology Clinic because of my special interest in the brain.

Although I have my eyes set on becoming a Pediatric Neurologist, my options are still wide open for many other opportunities that may come my way, which is why I initially joined PMA. On my spare time, though, I enjoy reading, playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and watching Taiwanese/Korean Dramas and anime. I think it will be a very exciting experience to serve as your Secretary and hope that you think so, too.


Name: Sylvia Koo
Major/Minor: Biology, Korean minor
Career Interest: Surgery
Number of semesters with PMA: 2

Hello! My name is Sylvia Koo and I graduated from Kalani High School with the class of 2013. I was born here in Honolulu, Hawaii and have been here my entire life. I never really worked except to tutor younger students who have a hard time keeping up in school, but have had many different volunteering and internship positions. I volunteered at the Kapiolani Hospital in the ER unit and in the Mother Baby Care unit, volunteered with my church as an altar server, Sunday School assistant, and as a part of the youth choir, and lastly, interned at the Straub Clinic and Hospital with a general surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. Ultimately, I would like to work my way up as a surgeon, but haven’t quite decided specifically what type of surgeon I’d like to be. During my free time, I usually hang out with my friends and family, do homework, watch The Vampire Diaries, play volleyball, piano, or eat pickles. Thank you!



Name: Kellie Kurasaki
Major/Minor: Molecular Cell Biology, Japanese minor
Career Interest: Pathology
Number of Semesters with PMA: 6

I am a graduate of Kauai High School and am currently a junior majoring in Molecular Cell Biology. I also intend to pursue a minor in Japanese. In the future I hope to attend medical school and become a Pathologist. This year, I have been busy serving as your Treasurer for PMA, working on my UROP project in Dr. Ng's lab, and studying for my MCAT. Now that MCAT's are over, I can finally start playing Pokemon X after months of waiting. 



Name: Teresa Porter
Major/Minor: Microbiology and English, History minor
Career Interest: Medicine
Number of Semesters with PMA: 6
My name is Teresa Porter and I am running for the position of Director of Medical Education. I was born and raised here on Oahu and graduated from Kalani High School. I have been working as a Pre-Health Advisor at the Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center for the past two years and next year I will be serving as a Senior Peer. I also work as a grader part time for the Physics Department, usually for the Physics 170 class. I volunteer at Queens Medical Center during the week and am looking forward to participating in the Hawaii Pacific Health internship this summer.

I am interested in becoming a physician and my focus is still up in the air. But the more I learn about medicine, the more I am determined to join the field. I am currently studying for my MCAT, and simultaneously trying to deny the fact that they are going to take place soon. My hobbies include playing soccer, watching American dramas, reading copious amounts of manga, and hanging out with friends. I would love to serve as your Director of Medical Education again, and hope to make next year even more interactive and inspirational.


Name: Jessi Tsykayama
Career Interest: Anesthesia or Pathology
Number of Semesters with PMA: 2


Pearl City Hawaii is my hometown. I am currently a Chemistry major and am considering adding either dancing or math as a secondary major or minor. I used to tutor math and chemistry at Leeward Community College but right now I am focusing on school and my research project at the John A. Burns School of Medicine. I enjoy volunteering to feed the homeless. My career goals include going into medicine as either an anesthesiologist or pathologist. I love listening to music, watching the sunset, and dancing in the rain. I am obsessed with butterflies and the color orange.



Name: Cassidy Chavez
Major/Minor: Biology
Career Interest: Medicine
Number of Semesters with PMA: 2


My name is Cassidy Chavez and I would like to be your student relations officer. I am from Phillips Ranch California (SoCal). It’s my first year here as a biology major and I have been a member of PMA for 2 semesters. I have held several leadership positions in the past and if given the opportunity I look forward to being an asset to this leadership team. I aspire to attend medical school at one of the UCs in California and then go on to pursue a career in medicine as a M.D. traveling to third world counties helping the needy. My hobbies include netflixing, hiking, and taking cat naps. Fun fact: I can put both feet behind my head and glitter is my favorite color.


Name: Jennifer Kwock
Major/Minor: Biology and Psychology
Career interest: Psychiatry
Number of Semesters with PMA:4
Hello my name is Jennifer Kwock and I am running for Director of Student Relations.  I am a sophomore and have been with PMA for 4 semesters.  I am planning on double majoring in Biology and Psychology and in the future, I'd like to go into psychiatry.  Currently, I am one of the co-chairs of Campus Center Board Activities Council and am in charge of planning events such as Cram Jam and Aloha Bash.  I have a huge variety of volunteer experience from working backstage at theatres, at Kaiser, at United Self Help (an organization that helps people with mental disabilities), and at an organization that trick or treats for canned goods for the food bank.  On a more personal note, I was born and raised in Manoa, have performed in over 12 theatrical productions, I enjoy playing with my two pet rabbits, and I love Disney movies.



Name: Sean Saito
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Career Interest: Anesthesia
Number of semesters with PMA:2

I live in Hawaii Kai. I graduated from Maryknoll high school. I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, however I am still pre-med. I would like to be an anesthesiologist, however I am still trying to keep my options open and learn what other fields have to offer. I like going to the gym, going to the beach, hiking, bowling, and I really like eating food.