The Executive Board understands the importance of events in the overall experience of members, and strives to provide quality events throughout the semester. PMA's events are roughly divided into three categories:

  • Community Service. Chaired by Director Lea Lacar, community service focuses on helping PMA members to make a difference in their local community and in the world. PMA service events focus on volunteering in healthcare related settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, and homeless shelters. Other community service events include but are not limited to volunteering at various charity walks, campus beautification, and community outreach events.

  • Medical Education. Chaired by Director Charles Kim, medical education focuses on providing PMA members with opportunities to become exposed to and informed of current events and issues in the medical and health fields. Examples of medical education events include but are not limited to hospital and medical school tours, simulations, and medical panels.

  • Student Relations. Chaired by Director Jamie Wong, student relations assesses the needs of the PMA membership and helps the Executive Board to implement decisions based on what members would like to see from the organization. Student relations focuses on providing opportunities for members to socialize, relax, and network with fellow members as well as members of other pre-health and science organizations. Examples of student relations events include but are not limited to beach barbecues, tailgating socials, bowling, and hiking socials.

    Members also have the opportunity throughout the semester to participate in committees, which plan and coordinate specific events under the supervision of an officer. Joining a committtee gives general members the opportunity to gain leadership experience and play a more active role in PMA events. Some of the committees that members typically may join are listed below:

    -Community Service Committee

    -Medical Education Committee

    -Student Relations Committee

    -Fundraising Committee

    -Banquet Committee

    If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the officer in charge of the committee.