Points System

Every event you attend hosted by the Pre-Medical Association will award you points. The purpose of the point system is to measure member participation in PMA events. The currently point system awards points based on an "hour" system rather than a "per event" system, which ensures that members who achieve Active Status have invested the same amount of time in the club, and helps the organization to distinguish and recognize members who have risen above and beyond the expected amount of service.

To reach Active Status, a member must accumulate at least 2500 membership points and 100 fundraising points in a given semester. Members who significantly exceed the required amount of points to achieve Active Status may qualify for further recognition.



Number of Points


Attendance at a General or Committee Meeting

100 membership points (MP's) per hour


Attendance at an event

100 MP's per hour (regular events)

200 MP's per hour (PAC workshops or medical education seminars)


Wearing the PMA shirt to meetings or events

50 MP's per event


Heading an event (through Community Service Committee)

100 MP's per event

Contact Director of Community Service Lea Lacar for more information

Donation of items (potluck items, carwash items, etc.)

varies depending on event

MP values will be announced prior to each event

Attendance at a fundraiser

100 MP's per hour, fundraising points (FP's) vary depending on event

FP values will be announced prior to each fundraising event

Selling fundraiser tickets or donating fundraiser items

varies depending on event

FP values will be announced prior to each fundraising event

Failure to attend an event signed up for

-200 MP's per event

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the start of the event

General meetings, service projects, medical events, and socials will all help members attain membership points towards reaching active status.

Showing club spirit by wearing the Pre-Medical Association t-shirt to events and to the general meetings will help you gain bonus points towards reaching active status.

Attending fundraising events and participating in fundraisers will help members attain fundraising points towards reaching active status.

Failure to attend an event without notifying an officer 48 hours before the event will result in a loss of 200 points. If you are unable to attend an event you signed up for, please contact the officer in charge of the event as soon as possible.


Some recent events are not displayed in the form below due to technical issues, which are currently being worked on.

However, the total number of Membership Points and Fundraising Points displayed should still be accurate.

Please email seans22@hawaii.edu if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding and patience!