Are you interested in pursuing a career in medicine or another health profession? Do you enjoy volunteering and community service? Are you interested in meeting new people and making new friends?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, then the Pre-Medical Association may be for you! Let us be a part of your incredible journey of becoming a healthcare professional. It's going to be an amazing adventure. And with the Pre-Medical Association, it's a decision you won't regret.


There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Pre-Medical Association. Some of these include:

- experience and education in the health field

- community service and volunteer opportunities

- socials and other networking opportunities

- access to guest speakers at General Meetings

- opportunities to meet with healthcare professionals

- advice, resources, and up-to-date information on your journey to professional school

- close ties with the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)

- sister organization of the Medical Student Mentorship Program (MSMP)


PMA membership is offered exclusively to students who are currently enrolled in the UH system. To become a member of PMA, you must also do the following:


Prospective members should complete the Application and Waiver forms, which can be found at Records. These forms may be submitted to an officer at a General Meeting, or to the Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center (PAC).


Prospective and current members must pay membership dues each semester. For Fall 2015, dues are $25. Upon payment of dues, members will receive a PMA shirt (t-shirt or polo). Members also have the option of paying $35 up-front for the entire school year, in which case they will recieve both a t-shirt and polo. Certain funded events, such as the PMA Appreciation Banquet, are offered either exclusively or at a subsidized cost to paid members. Membership dues may be submitted to an officer at a General Meeting, or to the Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center (PAC).