What is Profiler?

An application initially released in 2004 by Information Technology Services (ITS) to centralize user profile information for various web applications in one place.

Primary benefit for users: they input and control information about themselves in one place. As new systems are developed, information can be retrieved from Profiler vs. each user repeatedly registering themselves in individual web applications.

Primary benefit for application administrators: as employees move departments or leave the University, access to web applications can be more centrally managed.

How does Profiler work?

Within Profiler, each user has a "User Profile” which contains information specific to the person regardless of the position they’re in or what department they work for. User information consists of name and travel information.

Users will also have a “Position Profile” which contains information specific to the job they’re in. This includes contact information and business location, application-specific information such as default fiscal office, preparers, and backup approvers. A user can have as many position profiles as the number of positions they hold.

In addition the following new features and tools have been added:

Overall Profiler is being enhanced as new applications become available. The ultimate goal is to assist users by giving them a central location to manage information about themselves, and a central location for applications to obtain information so new services can run smoothly.

What applications are currently using Profiler?

eTravel was the first application to utilize Profiler but others include Capital Improvement Projects, Unit Budgeting, IRO Dynamic Reporting and ODS Data Element Dictionary.

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