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MyUH Portal Project

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MyUH Portal Project


What is the MyUH Portal?

The MyUH Portal is a web site designed to provide the University of Hawai'i (UH) community with secure, personalized access to UH Services and Information such as registration and enrollment. MyUH encompasses a new suite of services including calendaring, email, and new course tools, to name a few.

Online help and instructions are available within the portal. Additional User Documents may be viewed from the links at the end of this page.

The MyUH Portal is a work in progress.  WebCT classes are newly integrated with the Spring 2004 term. Other new features and content are in development. News and events specific to your campus and other group collaboration features are planned for the future. Expect more services as the MyUH portal continues to expand and grow.

The MyUH Portal ( was first released on Sept. 22, 2003. At that time the original MyUH Online services ( which was also known as "Web for Students" or "Web for Faculty" was redirected to this site. After logging on, click on "Academic Services" to get to the same MyUH Online services.

Benefits of the MyUH Portal

Some of the benefits are:

  • One login to access on-line UH resources, services, and functions for
    students, faculty, and staff.

    Important Note:
    At the MyUH Portal, students will be able to access email sent to their accounts. Students should check for messages to this account regularly and frequently as UH Offices and faculty will be sending important messages and announcements to students via the address.

  • Enhanced academic support for both faculty and students
    • course collaboration with calendar, message board, chat, email
    • dynamic updates triggered by Banner events such as academic "holds"
  • Improved accessibility to online services
    • a browser, access to the internet, and a UH Username are all that are required
    • one web address provides access to all major services
      Note: administrative applications to be added as they become available via web.
  • Enhanced features for UH community
    • Personal calendar available
    • Targeted announcements sent by University administrators
    • Customizable preferences

Requirements to use the MyUH Portal

  • UH Username

    Your UH Username is required for signing onto the portal. For more information, please see

    To request a new account or manage your current one, see

  • Web Browser with Internet Access
    • Recommended browsers
      • Internet Explorer 6 (Windows), 5.2 (Mac OS X), 5.1 (Mac OS 9)
      • Netscape Communicator 6.23 (Windows, Mac OS)
    • Please refer to Browsers web page for more detailed information of issues.

User Documents:

Please note that the MyUH Portal is still undergoing changes in layout. Screen captures in the documentation might not be exactly as the current deployed product.

  • Getting Started with the MyUH Portal (html) (pdf)
  • Getting Started with the MyUH Email (pdf)
  • Getting Started with the MyUH Calendar (pdf)
  • Synching a Palm with MyUH Calendar (pdf)
  • Getting Started with My Courses (pdf)
  • Getting Started with My Groups (pdf)




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