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Browsers Recommendations and Issues
For the Portal version 3.2 - release date July 2005

Windows 98 is no longer supported by ITS. Please update your OS to Windows 2000 or XP.

MyUH is accessed via the Internet or World Wide Web using a standard web browser. There are many different browsers and versions. Browsers not listed below may be optionally used to access MyUH, but might not be fully tested or supported by the vendor (e.g. Opera). You may experience technical difficulties.

You should also add the MyUH site to your 'trusted' site to enable pop-up blockers within your web browser. For more information, please click on: pop-up blockers

Note: if you have a personal firewall, you should also allow access to the registration site:

If using Windows 2000/XP - recommend Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7.1.
Firefox 1.07, Mozilla 1.7, and Netscape 6.23 also work.

If using Macintosh OS X (10.4 or 10.3) - recommend Netscape 7.1 or Safari 1.1 (or higher).
Firefox 1.07, Mozilla 1.7, and Internet Explorer 5.2.x also work for most features.


  • Firefox
    • One quirk with Firefox is the weekly schedule prints out blank, and the detail class schedule will only print the first page.

If using Macintosh OS 9 - recommend Netscape 7.02 or Internet Explorer 5.1.7


  • Internet Explorer:
    • You will not receive any warning that your MyUH session is about to timeout.

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