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MyUH Portal Implementation Project

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Executive Summary
Project MyUH Portal Implementation Project
Description Implement portal services on new hardware and software.
Purpose Provide for all campuses a flexible on-line environment for accessing services and enhancing learning, productivity, and community involvement.
Duration Phase I,  Rollout:  Dec. 2002 - Aug. 2003

For Support questions please send email to the portal team ( or contact the ITS Help Desk at 956-8883 (Oahu), 800-558-2669 toll-free.

Phase I - Implementation of a University of Hawai'i MyUH Portal
Phase I establishes the foundations for our new portal. The elements of Phase I include the following:

  • Industrial Strength Servers and Services - The computer and storage array are designed for high availability and are designed to limit single points of failure. If a system board dies, the system can automatically fail the board and and resume operations; if a disk drive dies, the system can on-the-fly, swap out the failed drive and engage a hot spare, rebuilding it with parity data while the system continues providing services.
  • Webmail - A secure, web-enabled imap client with built-in spell-checker that can be used from home or work, locally or abroad to provide easy access to e-mail (MyUH E-Mail (pdf)).
  • Enterprise WebCalendar - Finally, a centralized, widely available tool that fits the way we collaborate in a complex, multi-campus University environment. A centralized calendaring tool will greatly facilitate our constant need to collaborate and coordinate with our colleagues through the UH community (MyUH Calendar (pdf)).
  • Secure Access - There are a variety of protocols underlying our use of e-mail, logging into remote systems, transferring files, etc. Increasing those protocols are being replaced by secured protocols. Secured protocols encrypt your information so that intercepted packets do not easily reveal their contents. We will be steadily moving toward secured protocols and prohibiting the use of unsecured protocols.
  • Automation of Class Mailing Lists - Automatically establishing class mailing lists at the beginning of each semester will facilitate instruction for Instructor who include e-mail as a communication option.
  • Palm Calendar Synchronization - Provides calendar synchronization with Personal Data Assistants (PDAs).
  • White Pages (as opposed to yellow pages) - Modern e-mail clients have an LDAP option that makes e-mail address lookups readily available. In the University setting it is necessary to consider FERPA requirements as well. (Sept. 2003)

Phase II - Implementation of Additional Features
Phase II builds upon the Phase I foundation and extends the portal to other segments of the UH community. The elements of Phase II include but are not limited to the following:

  • First.Last Name Support - Those that prefer their email formatted as will have that option, primarily on a first come, first serviced basis.
  • Administrative Portal
  • Alumni Portal






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