1. When does the registration process begin?

    Registration for the 2010 Asia-Pacific Global Health Summer Institute is NOW OPEN, through the University of Hawai'i (UHM) Outreach College's Summer Sessions. The Outreach College website is located at: http://www.outreach.hawaii.edu/summer/.

  2. When does the registration process end?

    Registration for the 2010 Asia-Pacific Global Health Summer Institute will end 15 MAY 2010. However, registrations will continue to be accpeted as long as space is available.

  3. How do I register for a course?

    If you are not a continuing student at UHM, you must first apply for admission.  Applications are available from the Outreach College website.  Please refer to the website for information on the admission requirements and forms for Outreach College.

    Approximately 5 working days after your application is received, you will receive via email, your letter of acceptance along with your UH# and the link to the MyUH Portal for registration. 

    If you only intend to audit, please see question 7, below.

  4. What is the cost for each course, and how long is each course?

    Each Summer Institute course costs $372 (US $) and is worth 1 graduate credit. Each 1 credit course is approximately 15 hours long (5 days x 3 hours/day), and will be completed during one week between June 20 and July 2, 2010. Note that for UH faculty and staff the fee is $141 per course. Courses may be audited for $100 per course.

  5. Where can I stay in Hawai'i if I am a student?

    Check the Summer Institute website here to view a list of recommended lodging arrangements. 

  6. Where can I call for more information on the Summer Institute?

    You can call the Summer Institute coordinators at either (808) 956-5756 or (808) 956-4690 for more information. 

    Please remember when calling that Hawaii is 5-6 hours behind the U.S. East Coast and 2-3 hours behind the West Coast time zone.

  7. How can I apply to receive non-credit status, if I don’t want/need credits?

    To do this instead of registering for UH credits, please send us a written letter requesting (non-credit) audit approval for courses you want to audit, along with a check for $100 for each course, payable to The University of Hawaii Foundation-SPH Dean's Fund. Once we receive your written request and payment, we can add you to the course attendees list as an auditor. Please address letter and audit payment to:

    OPHS-The Summer Institute
    University of Hawaii at Manoa
    1960 East West Road, Biomed D-209
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

  8. Do I need to complete an application to the UH Graduate Division as well?

    If you only intend to take the Summer Institute classes, then it is not necessary to apply for admission through the UHM Graduate Division Admissions Office.  

  9. How do things work with my home institution (University of ______), in terms of credit transfers?

    Each institution varies regarding their credit transfer process and requirements. Credits earned at UHM may be transferred as determined by your home institution. At the conclusion of the Summer Institute, students should request for official transcripts to be sent to their home institution at the Cashier’s Office. 

  10. Are there other events or activities connected with the Summer Institute that I should know about?

    Yes, there will be a Welcome Reception and a Plenary presentation offered to all Summer Institute attendees the Sunday night before the Summer Institute course start (Sunday, June 20th, from 5-8pm).  This will provide a kick-off for the Summer Institute.

    There will also be a closing reception gathering from 4:30pm to 7pm on Friday, July 2nd.

    Other suggested Hawaii activities and events for your off-hours will be posted on the website and also sent with your Summer Institute welcome package after enrollment and registration is completed.

  11. Is there a ListServ for keeping in touch with the Summer Institute's announcements and activities?

    Yes. Please join our ListServ for timely updates and announcements on the Global Health Summer Institute. Send an email message to:
    with the following content:
    subscribe uhm-globhlth-summerinstitute

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