Submitted by: Robert Mattsuo

This was originally submitted to rec.food.cooking by Connie Yakley-Griffith. Laurie, this was given to me by a Korean lady named Chin Wah Moores that I met while my husband was serving in the Air Force. I think you'll love it... everyone that I've served it to so far has! Enjoy!


     2         lbs. flank steak, sliced into paper thin strips
     3         scallions, cut at a slant into 1/2" pieces     
     2         cloves of fresh, minced garlic     (1 tsp. powder but
                                                  fresh is far better)
     3 tbsp.   sugar
     1 tsp.    sesame seed oil     (double this if you like the flavor
                                   more intense)
     1/2 cup   soy sauce ( no lite varieties work here)
     1/2 cup   water
     1/2 tsp.  MSG (optional, I don't use it and it tastes fine)
     1/2 tsp.  sesame seed
Cut steak with sharp knife into paper thin strips. Add sugar and mix well by hand. Mix soy sauce and water and add garlic to this. Cut green onions and add to soy sauce mixture. Pour sauce mixture into meat, add MSG and mix again by hand. Add sesame seed oil and sesame seeds and mix again by hand. This is better if it marinates for at least 24 hours and will keep in the refrigerator for three days.
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