Submitted by: Maren (Maren@Jach.Hawaii.edu)
Organization: UK/Canada/Netherlands Joint Astronomy Centre, Hilo, HI


     ginger root
     thin sliced beef
     papaya (optional)
     garlic (optional)
Take about same amounts of shoyu and sugar, put in pot on stove. Slice ginger root (thin), maybe about 1/3 as much as the other 2, and put in while heating up (saves time), stir lots an' lots while heating, otherwise will burn, put optional papaya in (no matter if ripe, is ok; if you buy cheap meat the papaya may not be optional, papaya contains the stuff that meat tenderizer is made from) when boils and sugar is dissolved turn off, let cool down some and put in beef. Let beef soak over night (or how long you want). Can make that with chicken too (and get teriyaki pork at KTA ...)and I have sometimes only left it to soak for about 1/2 hour.

x Note: You make Teri-Chicken the same way except you cook the chicken except you cook the chicken in the marinade.

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