Needless to say, modern Hawaiian Culture is composed of a number of different ethnic groups, from Native Hawaiians, to Samoans, Tongans, Chinese, Japanese, Portugese, Haole, etc. Each of these groups has contributed to what many people consider to be "Hawaiian Food." As you may notice, this recipe posting is reflecting the contributions of each of the different groups.

I encourage submissions of all recipes which are 'local' in flavor. Because Hawaii is such a diverse society, this can range from traditional Hawaiian recipes to Oriental to the now traditional recipes which include Portuguese Sausage or 'Spam.' Each submission will be included in the next issue / version of Local Kine Recipes. I am not sure about the legalities of including copywritten material in a free post like this so, if you obtain the recipes from a copywritten work, please include all relevant publication information. More than one recipe for a given food is encouraged as we all have varying tastes (I am sure) and some recipes are inherently better than others. Many local recipes are just done to taste. If you are one of those who do can do this, congratulations! However, please have pity on those of us who aren't so talented and need things spelled out. In addition, if you include a description of the recipe, it will help all those who are trying to decide what to make if they have never had it before. Feel free to post submissions to the net. However, since I often get behind in reading the news, BE SURE TO E-MAIL A COPY DIRECTLY TO ME SO THAT I DON'T MISS IT. (Thanks)

If you try a recipe in this posting, feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think. This feedback will be valuable if this posting becomes large and I have to decide what stays in and what does not. If you summarize your feelings towards a certain recipe concisely, it may end up being included in the next posting. I am thinking that we could have a rating system somewhat like the movie rating system. Instead of stars however, we could rate recipes by one to four "ono"s with four being the best. If you come up with a suggestion on how to improve a recipe or have a different variation, include that as well so we may all benefit from your wealth of knowledge. :) (More than one recipe does the body good.)

If you have a favorite Local Kine Recipe that you miss and can't find, e-mail me and I will include your request in the next issue of Local Kine Recipes.

Many Mahalos to those who have submitted recipes so far.

Grind it Brah!

Art Pollard

Samoan Pancake (Samoan Balls) (Round deep fried doughy things.) Spam Recipes (Since this has been the topic of late...)

Now back to the food!