• Undergraduate

    Welcome to the Undergraduate program at the Department of Religion. The objective of this course of study is to provide students with an expansive and comprehensive understanding of the variety of the world’s religious traditions...

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  • Graduate

    The Master’s program is designed to prepare students to participate fully in the academic study of religion, including the continuation of their education at the doctoral level and teaching at a community college. As a department within a major public research university...

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  • Courses

    The list of course descriptions available through the Department of Religion (below) can also be found in the UH Manoa course catalogue. Courses that meet the UH Manoa General Education Core and Graduation requirements are identified...

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Some of the research produced by our graduate students and by faculty members is available on ScholarSpace.


  • People whom you meet

    The Department of Religion is a small, tightly-knit community of faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates. Several graduate students have earned positions as teaching assistants, where they gain valuable career experience through working with undergraduate students. The undergraduate students benefit from the one-on-one personal help of the graduate students, and are also given a chance to ask questions about advancing in the field of religion. With the exception of Introduction to the World's Major Religions (REL 150), a diversification course...

  • Lee Siegel


    Ph.D., Oxford University, 1975

    Lee Siegel’s publications, dealing particularly with the aesthetic, erotic, and comedic dimensions of religious experience, are experimental narrative explorations of the possible relationships between scholarship and fiction. He teaches an undergraduate introduction to religion, a graduate seminar on Indian religious literature, and he directs graduate workshops devoted to both rhetorical and pedagogical methodologies in religious studies. In both his research and teaching endeavors at the graduate level, he is also concerned with the development of a poetics...

  • Michel Mohr

    Associate Professor (on sabbatical)

    Ph.D., University of Geneva in Switzerland, 1992

    Michel Mohr is currently on sabbatical. His research focuses on Japanese religions, paying special attention to the neglected phases of religious and intellectual history between the eighteenth and twentieth century. Because of his grounding in the study of Indian and Chinese religious traditions, he has a deep interest in nondenominational approaches to religious practice. Born in Europe and having lived almost twenty years in Japan, his inquisitive mind is open to...