Class of 2017

Kainat BashirKainat Bashir
BA, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
(Religion with minor in Political Science, 2015)

Kainat’s areas of academic interest included Christianity and Islam. She studied the confluence between various Islamic traditions and Catholic mysticism in Pakistan. Her aim was to expand her horizon of knowledge in the field of religion and its impact on culture and politics in various South Asian societies.


Amanda Candēns
BA, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (Hawaiian Studies, 2015)

Amanda’s interests included Animism, Daoism, Vajrayāna, Śāktism, prehistoric fertility veneration, polytheistic traditions, and comparative religious studies. Her areas of focus were on pedagogy in religion and cross-cultural research on female deities within a global context from 40,000 BCE to the modern era.



Audrey Hungerpiller

Auddie Hungerpiller
MA, University of South Carolina (English, 2014)
BA, University of the South (English, 2012)

Audrey conducted archival research, working with a collection of theological commentaries heavily informed by semiotic theory and literary aesthetics. She also holds an MA in English with a focus on Restoration and Augustan literature.



Richard Kaaialii

Keola Kaaialii
BA, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (History of the Pacific, 2015)

Keola was interested in all Polytheistic religions, focusing on the function of religion in native Hawaiian politics. He grew up on the homestead of Nanakuli with most of his hobbies in the water such as surfing, fishing, diving, and music.



Aaron Leonardi

Aaron Leonardi
BA, Humboldt State University (Philosophy, 2013)

Aaron studied Chinese Religious and Philosophic traditions. His research at Mānoa was primarily focused in Chinese Buddhist literature and thought relating to Buddhist Ethics. Aaron also continued to learn classical Chinese to enhance his work with primary texts.