Class of 2007

Adam D. Pave
After completing an M.A. in Philosophy, Adam moved to the Aloha State and began further graduate study at UH Manoa in 2005. His studies at UH focused on Indian thought, especially studies on the Mahabharata. Two years later, in the Fall of 2007, with a second M.A. in Religion, he began a Ph.D. program in the School of Religion at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA. His program is in Philosophy of Religion and Theology, and he continues to work in the fields of Comparative Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion. He enjoys living with his wife Kimie in sunny SoCal.
John A. Sweeney
 After completing the M.A. program, John began lecturing at UHM and Kapi‘olani Community College, where he has taught Introduction to the World’s Major Religions, Religion and the Meaning of Existence, and Understanding Buddhism. While working for a local company involved in the sustainability movement, John decided he wanted to pursue further studies involving spirituality, sustainability, and society. In the Fall 2009 semester, he began a doctoral program in Alternative Futures/Political Theory at UHM. He is confident that his training in the two things that one is not supposed to talk about at cocktail parties (religion and politics) will assist him in achieving his professional and personal goals of teaching and living in Hawai‘i.

The 2007 Alumni also include: