Class of 2014

S. Nani Kaʻaialiʻi

B.A. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (2011, Religion)
M.A University of Hawaiʻ at Mānoa (2014, Religion)

M.A. Plan B Project: A look into the past, present and future of ʻanāʻanā

Nani studies Hawaiian religions with a special interest in ancient practices and rituals of ka poʻe kahiko (the people of old). Aside from rituals and practices, her research focus is in the area of Hawaiian Christianity, the A.B.C.F.M., and the effects of colonization to the practices of ancient Hawaiʻi. For fun she dabbles in Buddhism and enjoys the mysticism and mystical beliefs of other religions. Her final presentation focused on ʻAnāʻanā, or what some may understand as the ancient practice of Hawaiian sorcery. In her study of the past, present and future of ʻanāʻanā, Nani brings forth accounts from both written and oral sources. A look at the kahuna ʻanāʻanā, the pule ʻanāʻanā, and other rituals and practices that revolve in and around the art from of ʻanāʻanā. She shed light that this ancient practice of ʻanāʻanā may be ancient but is not extinct. Mai hele koke i ka māla o ka heʻe!