Class of 2015

laneLane Davey
B.A. University of Hawai‘i: Manoa (1993)
M.A. Pacific Rim Christian College (2011)

Laneʻs academic interests include Judaism, Christianity and Hawaiian Religion. Her focus area is Christianity and colonization. She plans to research syncretism in the process of Hawaiian Bible translation. Her specialization is biblical studies. In May 2011 she completed a thesis on the Historical (Jewish) Jesus and currently she pursues Greek, Hebrew and Hawaiian language in order to enhance her research.


Kelsey Nakashige
University of California, Riverside (2013)

Kelsey’s religious studies interests include Shintoism, East Asian Buddhism, and New Religious Movements. She is primarily interested in Shintoism and Buddhism’s strong roots in Japanese culture and everyday life. Kelsey is currently studying Japanese to assist in her research.



Ali Samji
B.A. in Religious Studies, CSUN

Ali’s research focuses on the confluence between Hindu and Islamic traditions in their pre-modern South Asian context (Sitz im Leben).