Class of 2021


Alec Wilkinson

MA, Oklahoma State University (Philosophy, 2019)

BA, San Diego State University (Philosophy with a minor in Physics, 2017)

Alec was interested in the lives and teachings of the Marathi speaking Saints and Sages from the Indian State of Maharashtra. Specifically, he was interested in how they wed the knowledge of the Ātman being Brahman, and Brahman being the sole and only reality, with fervent devotion towards the personal God with qualities and attributes. In other words, these Saints tend to intimately wed jñāna and bhakti in such a way that attempts to break down the divide between non-dualistic and dualistic theologies. Some of these Saints include: Sant Nāmdev, Sri Jñāneśvar Mahārāj, Tukārām, Sri Samartha Rāmdās, and Sri Eknāth Mahārāj. Alec was working in closer detail with the text written by Sri Samartha Rāmdās, Dāsbodh. He was also interested in studying the development of Advaita Vedanta in America, as well as the overall condition of Hinduism in America.