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In addition to coursework, students are encouraged to attend the free extracurricular events hosted by the Department of Religion. These include graduate student presentations, faculty colloquia, and a variety of workshops put on by faculty and senior graduate students. Workshops focus on the skills students need to build their academic careers, such as applying for grants and other funding, writing personal statements for Ph.D. applications, and travelling abroad to develop foreign language skills. Unless specified otherwise, all events will be held in the department library (Sakamaki A104).

Click here to see the full PIPS announcement.

The schedule below displays all extracurricular events for the Fall 2014 semester.



Fall 2014 Events

January 27 (Tues)

SAK A104, 2 - 4PM

Joanna Kim PIPS: Japanese Missionaries and Buddhist Statecraft

February 17 (Tues)

SAK A104, 2 - 4PM

Kelsey Nakashige PIPS: Japanese Religious Experience During WWII

March 3 (Tues)

SAK A104, 2 - 4PM

Lane Davey PIPS: The Bible and its Translation into Hawaiian

March 17 (Tues)

SAK A104, 2 - 4PM

Laura Dunn PIPS: The Body and Religious Experience

April 14 (Tues)

SAK A104, 2 - 4PM

Sameer Vyas PIPS:Non-Dualistic Indian Traditions

April 28 (Tues)

SAK A104, 2 - 4PM

Paige Kawakami PIPS: Hawaiian Culture and Modern Law



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