Core Faculty Members


Helen Baroni, Ph.D. Professor and Graduate Chair - Japanese religions, Buddhism in America, new religious movements (such as the Latter Day Saints, the Hare Krishna Movement, the Osho Rajneesh Movement, Scientology, Wicca and Neopaganism) and pedagogical methodologies in religious studies


Marie Alohalani Brown, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Chair - Hawaiian and other Polynesian religions, Hawaiian moʻolelo (especially belief narratives, historical treaties, and life writing) published from 1810 to 1959, indigenous theories/methodologies for the study of religion and expressive culture, folklore studies, and translation studies


James Frankel, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Islam, Confucianism, comparative religion, mysticism


Ramdas Lamb, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Indian religions, Hindu monasticism, mysticism, religious ethics in contemporary society, ethnographic approaches to religion


Jeffrey (Kapali) Lyon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Department Chair - Hebrew Bible, early Greek and Aramaic Christian literature, Hawaiian Bible translation, 19th century Hawaiian religious and literary texts


Michel Mohr, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Japanese religions, East Asian Buddhism, with a special emphasis on the nondenominational approaches to religious practice


Lee Siegel, Ph.D. Professor - Indian religions, classical Sanskrit literature and poetry, pedagogical methodologies in religious studies