REL 149 Introduction to the World’s Goddesses

The Department of Religion is proud to announce a newly developed online course for the Department that is currently available for registration through UH Mānoa's Extension program.

Course Overview

The objective of the course is to provide a broad overview of the cultural traditions and religious beliefs and practices surrounding female deities throughout the globe. Students will analyze narratives, devotional practices, thealogies, iconographies, and sacred sites of female gods and how they are located within their respective cultural milieu. Students will also examine cross-cultural interactions through dominant religious motifs and develop collegiate level research and writing techniques in the academic study of goddesses in religion.

Global Multicultural Perspectives Focus (FGA)

The course is designated as a Foundational Group A (FGA) course. Global and Multicultural Perspectives courses provide thematic treatments of global processes and cross-cultural interactions from a variety of perspectives. Students will gain a sense of human development from prehistory to 1500 C.E. through consideration of narratives and artifacts from diverse cultures. At least one component of each of these courses will involve the indigenous cultures of Hawai'i, the Pacific, or Asia.