What we do

  • Technology assessment and marketing
  • Patenting and other intellectual property management
  • Licensing and commercialization
  • Implement, educate and provide counsel on intellectual property policies and practices

OTT solicits and receives invention disclosures for discoveries and inventions from University researchers. We assess the commercial potential, technical risks and market challenges of these inventions, and selectively focus on technologies where UH has competitive advantages and unique strengths to determine the best patenting, marketing, and commercialization strategies. We work with inventors to understand their research innovations, to discover the commercial applications of them, and to identify companies that may be interested in working with the University to develop and commercialize innovative new technologies.

We aim to be efficient and flexible in working with our commercial partners while protecting the interests and priorities of the constituents that we serve including faculty, staff, students, the University, government, business, and research partners, and other collaborators.