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Freedom of Information

The Hawai`i Uniform Information Practice Act (HUIPA) is the Hawai`i law that allows individuals to request access to state agency records, except to the extent records are claimed as exempt from disclosure under one or more of the five exemptions of the Act.

Fees For Services

The HUIPA and the administrative rules enacted by the Hawai`i Office of Information Practice allow ORC to recover part of the costs associated with the processing of requests for government records. ORC waives the first $30 in fees for search, review, and segregation; or the first $60 in fees if the public interest would be served because (1) the record is not readily available to the public and (2) the requestor intends and has the actual ability to disseminate widely the information to the public.  The requestor is responsible for and must pay for any remaining costs incurred by ORC in responding to the request.  The requestor must prepay 50% of the estimated allowable fees for search, review, and segregation; and 100% of the estimated costs to prepare and transmit the record.  

Finding Information

Under the HUIPA and Hawai`i Administrative Rules, ORC is required to respond to a request for government records within 10 business days from when ORC reveives the request.