Pidgin and Creole English in Hawai‘i (SLS 430)

This is what the lecturer for this course says about it:

Of the three major languages in Hawai‘i – Hawaiian, English, and Hawai‘i Creole – the creole, despite having a half million speakers, is the only one without official status. This is largely due to the socio-history, attitudes and misconceptions surrounding this language, more popularly known as Pidgin. This course addresses these issues.

This course going also look at the linguistic structure of Pidgin. We going compare and contrast the Pidgin grammar with the English grammar.

On top of dat, we going see how people stay use Pidgin when dey write da kine stories and plays like dat.
Ai laik yu gaiz lrn hau fo rait da Pijin wan nyu we tu, so yu goin lrn wan nyu spelin de kawl da Odo Otawgrafi.


If had fo undastan kam klas fo da transleishen.