Kent Sakoda

Kent Sakoda (Outreach cooperator)

Kent Sakoda was born and raised on Kaua‛i and has had a linguistic upbringing ever since.  He likes to think that his Pidgin is always grammatical but tries very hard not to be a prescriptivist.  Kent teaches a course about Pidgin (SLS 430) in the Dept. of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai‛i at Mānoa and presently serves as a Pidgin specialist/consultant and outreach facilitator at the Charlene Sato Center for Pidgin, Creole, & Dialect Studies.  He is also a founding member of the advocacy group, Da Pidgin Coup (all puns intended) and a board member of Bamboo Ridge Press.  He and his dear friend, colleague, and ally Jeff Siegel have written a bright yellow book entitled Pidgin Grammar: An Introduction to the Creole Language of Hawai‛i.