These sites provides educators with ideas for teaching about Pidgin and using Pidgin as a resource for learning about history, multiculturalism, the law, and social change in Hawai‘i. The sites also act as a central place where ideas about Pidgin can be exchanged.

Language Varieties Network

Visit Jeff Siegel's site is about varieties of language that differ from the standard variety that is normally used in ...
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Sato Center Holdings

The Sato Center keeps hard copies of the following publications and media. The list is searchable and sortable ...
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Pidgins and Creoles in Education (PACE)

Visit the Pidgins and Creoles in Education (PACE) website. This site is devoted to issues concerning the use of pidgin ...
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Pidgin Teaching Materials

The production of teaching materials for High School Language Arts and Social Studies teachers that incorporate investigations of language, with ...
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Hawai‘i Creole exhibit at the Hawai‘i Plantation Village Museum

A permanent exhibit on Hawai‘i Creole was designed and installed at the Hawai‘i Plantation Village Museum (Waipahu). The installation features ...
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