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From a report by John Holm in The Carrier Pidgin 18/2, May-August 1990:

The Society for Caribbean Linguistics held its eighth biennial conference at University College, Belize, in 22-25 August 1990. Papers relevant to pidgins and creoles in education included:

Ron Kephart: “Literacy in Creole English: why and how?”

Katherine Fischer: “Educating speakers of Caribbean English Creole in the United States” (see above)

Valerie Youssef: “The acquisition of varilingual competence” (on children simultaneously acquiring Trinidad Creole and English) [to be published this year in English World-Wide]

Peter Robert: “Disintangling Creole competence” (on the complex process of the acquisition of standard English by Creole-speaking children)

A workshop “Pidgins, Creoles and Nonstandard Dialects in Education” was held at the 16th Conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia in Townsville, 29 September - 2 October. The workshop consisted of 7 formal presentations followed by a panel discussion. Presenters and papers were:

Anna Shnukal (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies): “Attitudes to the use of Torres Strait Creole in preschool and primary education”

Ian Malcolm (Edith Cowan University): “Teaching standard English as a second dialect: theory and practice”

Jeff Siegel (University of New England): “An evaluation of the Tok Pisin Prep-school Program: preliminary findings”

Joseph Nidue (University of Papua New Guinea): “Teachers’ attitudes towards the use of Tok Pisin as a medium of instruction in community schools in Papua New Guinea”

Margaret Mickan (Summer Institute of Linguistics): “Kriol and education in the Kimberleys”

Gary Ovington (James Cook University): “Teaching English to Kriol speakers: the Kartiya game”

Joyce Hudson (Catholic Education Office): “An in-service program for teachers of English to Kriol-speaking children”


A full report will be given in the next issue of the PACE Newsletter.

From The Carrier Pidgin 19/1, January-April 1991:

The 7th International Colloquium of Creole Studies will be held in Mauritius from 28 September to 5 October, 1992. The Colloquium theme will be “Education, formation, information, et communication dans le monde créole”. More information is available at this address: Vlle Colloque International des Etudes Créoles, Institut d’Etudes Créoles, Université de Provence, 29 Avenue R Schuman, F-13621 Aix-en-Provence, France. FAX 42 59 42 80.)

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