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Zoology Subject Guide


Finding Zoology Literature

Hawaii Voyager

The online catalog of the University of Hawaii libraries. To find a journal title, go to Basic Search and perform a title search. If you are unsure about the title, use keywords from the title or search on the ISSN as a keyword, ex: 0004 AND 8038 retrieves a record for the journal Auk.

The journals and books in the UH Manoa library are shelved by Library of Congress call numbers. Q is the classification for Science and the zoological sciences are generally classed as QL. Many older science journals (pre-1975) are shelved on the second floor of Sinclair Library.

Electronic Journals at UH Manoa

Use this database to find electronic journals and databases that are available through the library. Once the link to a journal or database is retrieved, you will login to connect to the UHM Library proxy server. Many of the licensed resources are only accessible outside of the library to UHM faculty, students, and staff.

Zoological Record

A core index in zoology with coverage on an international scope beginning online in 1978. Also available in print, covering 1864 to 1994, at call number Z7991 .Z76 in Hamilton Library, Science & Technology Reference shelves. Published by the Zoological Society of London and later by Biosis.

Biological Abstracts

The most comprehenive index of biological literature; published by Biosis. Online coverage goes back to 1969 through Silver Platter. Print volumes go back to 1926 and are located at QH 301.B37 in the Hamilton Library, Science & Technology Reference shelves.

Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts

Index and abstract database covering biological and ecological aspects of marine, freshwater, and brackish environments; fisheries, aquaculture; aquatic pollution; oceanography, 1971 to present.


Ecological Abstracts is a part of Geobase and covers ecology in over 3000 journals, books, and proceedings, 1980 to present.


A collection of full-text online core ecology and science journals that can be searched for literature back to the first issues of key scientific journals such as Ecology, Science.

Web of Science

A multidisciplinary index in which the major life sciences journals are indexed. Online coverage is available from 1980 to the present. In the General Search file one can search to find citations to papers, and in the Cited Ref search one can find citations to papers that cite an author or paper. This is a useful tool when you have a paper in hand on which you would like to build a bibliography.

Also known as Science Citation Index in print. The Hamilton Library holdings go back to 1964 in the print format and can be found at call number Z7401 .S365 in Science & Technology Reference, 1st Floor Hamilton Library Addition.


A premier index of medical and biological journal literature that is linked to our full-text journal subscriptions. Following this link will allow you to access the licensed journals held by UH Manoa. PubMed is a free globally available database, however the full-text links will work only if you access them through the UH Manoa Library links.

Current Awareness Tools


PubCrawler is a free service out of Ireland that allows a user to set up search profiles which are run against PubMed and GenBank on a daily basis. Results are sent the user's e-mail address.

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts

CSA allows one to save a search and have it run against new additions to the selected indexes; the results are sent to the user's e-mail address. Select Specific Databases. Select the indexes you are interested in searching against, e.g. ASFA, Zoological Record. Create a search, then click on the Save, Print, Email link. Click on Alerts at the top of the page, and complete the registration (only need to do this once). Save as Alert link. The saved search will generate e-mails with newly added citations on a weekly basis and last for six months. You can always delete the alert when you no longer need it by going into the Alerts page again.

Species Information Sources and Data

Encyclopedia of Life

A collaborative effort of natural history museums, botanical gardens, and research institutions to create a biodiversity database on the Web. The EOL is a partner of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System

Taxonomic information on animals, plants, fungi, and microbes created in collaboration with several international agencies. A partner of Species2000 and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

The Catalog of Fishes

The Web version of Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes. Cite as Eschmeyer, W.N. Catalog of Fishes Online. (updated year, month, day: [Access date].


An internationally refereed database of fishes with entries for 29500 species, 43100 pictures contributed by 1380 collaborators. Searchable by scientific name, common name or by family.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Ten natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions form the Biodiversity Heritage Library Project, which has digitized the text, images and maps from their rare books. The images are covered by the Creative Commons license and are freely available for non-commercial use.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

A global effort to collect biodiversity data, much of which is in relatively small datasets. The U.S. node is at

General Biodiversity Bibliography for Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia

Sources for species survey data in the Pacific created by members of the Pacific Biodiversity Information Forum in collaboration with the UH Libraries.

Mammal Species of the World

The Department of Systematic Biology of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has created a database of mammalian taxonomy with over 4000 recognized mammal species. Taxonomic trees and citations to the original descriptions of the species are available from this site. The information is derived from Wilson, D. E., and D. M. Reeder (eds). 1993. Mammal Species of the World, second edition, Smithsonian Institution Press, and is being updated with information from the third edition.

NCBI Entrez Taxonomy Homepage

This database from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides lineages for many taxa and links to PubMed citations, and gene and protein data. Enter a common name or species name to retrieve taxonomic lineages.

Tree of Life

A project that is working to bring systematic information on all organisms to the web. Provides identification keys, taxonomic information, figures, etc. Contributors are biologists from around the world.

Using Endnote: A Bibliographic Management Tool

Endnote at UH Manoa

Endnote bibliographic management software is available as to UH faculty, students, and staff as ITS site licensed software, see Endnote Site License for the form to fill out.

To import citations into an Endnote library from a UHM licensed database use the database specific Endnote filter to import your saved search results into your library. Currently, connection files will not work with UHM licensed databases.

Local Links

UH Manoa Department of Zoology

The Zoology Department of UH Manoa is located in Edmonson Hall on the Manoa campus.

Instruction Links

Wildlife and Plant Conservation Library Research Guide

A guide to resources useful for Biology 425 writing projects.


A Website sponsored by the Ecological Society of America that provides free lesson plans, articles, and data to support ecology teaching in K-12 and university levels.

Journal Information


A database of journal publisher policies regarding copyright and author self-archiving.

PubMed Journals

Find the journal title information by searching on journal abbreviations, ISSN or subject. PubMed indexes a wide range of journals covering the life sciences.

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