January 20th, 2010

University of Hawaii island in Second Life

University of Hawaii island in Second Life

This website is designed to assist all University of Hawaii faculty and students with their exploration of virtual reality. The University of Hawaii island in Second Life consists of reconstructions of several well-known campus buildings, numerous skyboxes and beautiful common areas. It is currently housing a number of innovative UH Manoa classes and various research projects. This island can serve as your home base within Second Life.

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a special internet browser that offers a multi-user virtual environment in 3-D. This seemingly endless virtual world has been built entirely by its residents from all around the globe. The software and your avatar account are free. You can download the software from the Secondlife.com website. Please check the Getting Started page for assistance with this process.

Upon entering the virtual world, you encounter vast digital archipelegos offering venues for entertainment, educational experiences, and even commercial opportunities. Second Life residents, can teleport, walk or fly to various places, communicate with others using text-based chat or voice chat, and participate in events. They can also create, buy, sell, and trade objects with other residents to build realistic or fantasy environments.


Second Life supports an economy that is transacted with Linden Dollars, which can be purchased with US dollars on the Linden Dollar Exchange (LindeX).

Many educational institutions have a customized presence in Second Life that allows them to collaborate, offer instruction, and explore the vast possibilities of three-dimensional spaces.

Here is a recent article about our UH Island from Malamalama and a video showcasing some of the exciting things going on inside Second Life.