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A Review Of The “Cinco de Mayo” Event.

May 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Thanks to everyone who participated to our end of the semester, the “Cinco de Mayo” Event. Much Mahalo to Rebecca Meeder M.Ed. for providing us with a fun virtual field trip! I would also like to say Mahalo to DJ Becca Imako for her great music taste and fun dancing experience! Thank you, Becca for contributing your time and effort with the various events throughout the semester!

University of Hawaii Virtual Education Group has been offering various events for over a year. This was our first event we tried something different, which was the virtual field trip. It was a great opportunity for people to realize that there are uncountable places in SL besides UH Island where you can learn, experience, and explore. We would like to ask those of you who participated in the virtual field trip to give us a feedback about your experience.

We are always welcoming new avatars and would love to help get them familiar with the virtual world and some of the basic skills that help you to explore in Second Life. If you have any questions about the UH Island and UH SL Virtual Education Group over the summer, please feel free to contact Yoko Yamamoto ( or IM Elle Mexicola in SL.

I would like to say thank you to all of you who participated in our events this semester. I had met many new people and was able to share my experience and in exchange, I was able to listen to what kind of experiences they are experiencing in SL. I would like to say a special thanks to Dr. Diane Nahl for all of her guidance and support and Rebecca Meeder M.Ed. for her supportive guidance and showing me a step by step on how to organize events. Again, Much mahalo to everyone who helped me to be more aware and alert to the virtual world experience. I personally have learned a lot throughout the semester and I am looking forward to the continuation of  improving my skills in Second Life. Have a great summer to all of you and see you next semester!

Please take a look at the pictures below:

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