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A Review of “UH SL Aquaculture Event!”

June 14th, 2010

Thank you very much for everyone who participated in our “UH SL Aquaculture Event!”.
Much Mahalo to Douglas R. Gould (Goug Lamplight in SL) for his presentation, which opened many of our eyes to aquaculture! I would also like to say Mahalo to Dj Lucien Morgwain for his wonderful selection of music and to Arcanejill for organizing fun and exciting activities!

This was the first event that I got to organize and it was a bit of a challenge. I would not say I was one hundred percent well prepared, yet I thought that the event was well-organized. However, when I am actually hosting the event, I noticed many things that needed better planning and preparation. This was a great chance for me to apply what I have been learning in the UH SL Virtual Education Group and it has allowed me to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. I would like to say much Mahalo to UH SL council members for giving me such a great opportunity. Also much Mahalo to Mr. Gould and Aunty Cheri for their positive feedbacks. And I would also like to say Mahalo to Adra Letov, Professor Stwarts, Dr. Benny Ron and Sam Solomon for their unconditional support.

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I was not able to write down all of the attendees… If you happen to read this post and find that your name is not in the list below, please leave your name in the comment! Thank you.

Aunty Cheri
Sashi Kira
Royk Humbridge
Betz Darwinian
Allison Littlething
Curious George
DanaeLee Brennman
Brat Jules
Giarc Darkstone
Ayala Spiritor
Lucien Morgwain
rositta Moonwing
Leontia Arun
Sam Solomon
SiFan Shan
Arcanejill Magic
Adra Letov
Elle Mexicola
Tombo Ninza
AquacultureHub Engineer

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