Code of Conduct

November 9th, 2009

University of Hawaii Second Life Island

Code of Conduct for Avatars

The University of Hawaii virtual island is a virtual workspace intended for exploration, collaboration, learning and experimentation. All avatars visiting or residing on the University of Hawaii Second Life campus are asked to conduct themselves in the same manner as they would for any 21st century workplace. This includes that all avatars:

  • Are not to build on areas not assigned to you
  • Must ensure that builds are socially appropriate.
  • Should not interfere with, or edit objects that are not your own.
  • Should clean up your temporary objects before you leave.
  • May not use inappropriate or foul language in chatting or instant messaging.
  • May not have, or use weapons of any kind on the island.
  • May not attack or deliberately push other avatars on the UH virtual campus. This is a “no-griefing” zone.
  • Should not intentionally interrupt meeting or classes taking place on campus.
  • Are prohibited from the selling of goods or services.
  • Should maintain attire, gestures and HUD’s that are sexually appropriate;
  • Understand that nudity or sexual acts are prohibited.

Students and visitors to the University of Hawaii Second Life Campus will also be held to the conduct set forth in the Second LIfe Community Standards and those set forth by Information and Technology Services “Code of Conduct for Internet Use” by UH faculty, staff or students .

Failure to adhere to any portion of this Code of Conduct may result in permanent ban from the University of Hawaii virtual campus.

All visitors of the University of Hawaii’s Second Life Campus will be logged by our campus security system. Information obtained by security logging is limited to avatar name, time of visit and will not be used for purposes outside of Second Life or related island research.