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Reminder to Submit Health Clearance Forms

Please check your STAR account to see if you have any Health Clearance holds.

If you plan to register for in-person (face-to-face or hybrid) classes, and you have a hold, please submit your complete Health Clearance Form or your own TB/Immunization documents as soon as possible. To avoid a potential delay in processing, please submit before July 15, 2022.  

If you plan to only register for on-line classes in Fall 2022, the HW (Health Waiver) hold will not prevent you from registering even if you haven't completed the Health Clearance requirements. However, we encourage you to complete these requirements so you can participate in all future classes.

Previous UH students: Since the Fall of 2020, the Hawaii DOH made changes to the Health Clearance requirements. In addition to TB clearance and MMR, Tdap and Varicella are now required. If you previously submitted titers for MMR clearance, only the Measles and Rubella are valid. Titer for Mumps is no longer acceptable due to the recent outbreak of Mumps. Therefore, documentation of two MMR is required. Please contact us to review if any of your previous immunization records are on file.

Leeward Campus Information on Coronavirus

Keep up with the latest COVID-19 guidelines by visiting , and stay up-to-date with Leeward campus relevant information on coronavirus at .

We Have Moved to AD-223

Please visit us at our new location in the AD building on the 2nd floor across the Student Lounge, AD-223. In addition to helping you understand and obtain health clearance, we’re happy to assist you with your health care needs. Walk-ins are welcome, but please call us first so we may better assist you.

Masks Required While Inside the Office

Face masks or other appropriate face coverings are still required while inside the office. Please continue to practice safe social distancing. Mahalo for your cooperation and understanding.

Telehealth Appointments Are Available

Call (808) 455-0515 to schedule a telehealth appointment with a medical provider. Telehealth is a medical visit, appropriate charges will apply.