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  • Our first responsibility is to our patients and those who use our services. We strive to meet their health care needs and provide services that are professional, ethical, prompt, courteous, and at reasonable cost.
  • We respect and value patients’ diversity and individuality. We welcome initiatives and participation in working with patients as a team for their optimal health.
  • We honor the concept of "Lokahi" - that total health is the balance and harmony of the physical, emotional, family, environmental, and spiritual.
  • We value our own healing community. We recognize individual worth, dedications, and merit. We believe in sincere collaborative efforts for the benefit of our organization.
  • We subscribe to the concept that change is the only constant in life, and flexibility is the key to meet changes and challenges.
  • We promote continued professional and personal growth and encourage open communication. Differences are to be treated with respect and conflicts need to be resolved in peaceful and constructive ways.
  • We are responsible to the University of Hawai'i and the fulfillment of its mission. We will actively pursue improvements to the health of the community by the delivery of quality service, education, and research.