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  • The UHSM will serve as the leader in campus health for the entire UH system.
  • The staff will work individually and collectively toward the creation of a "Health Ohana" where all those giving and receiving services will be treated equally with respect, competence, and compassion.
  • We will ensure that only the best qualified professional staff is providing the highest standard of care to patients. All services will be provided in the most professional, efficient, and effective manner.
  • We will be responsive to the needs of the UHM/Leeward Community College community in health education, preventive care, and environmental health. We will ensure that there are no physical and financial barriers to accessing care.
  • We will actively participate in the academic mission of the University. We facilitate enrollment retention by preventing health problems from interfering with students’ pursuit of educational goals. Our role is not limited to direct medical care, but extends to assisting students in developing life-long healthy and responsible behavior.
  • We will serve as the steward for student health insurance plans, and ascertain that all students have adequate coverage at reasonable cost.
  • We will work/collaborate with all other UH units to address health issues for our community.
  • Our work environment will be one that is safe, pleasant, and collegial. UHSM/Leeward Community College will be a place of employment where staff members are recognized for their merits and dedication, valued for their ideas and contributions, and encouraged to maximize personal and professional growth potential. Management will be responsive to staff concerns and issues.
  • The UHSM/Leeward Community College will be an organization that practices continuous quality improvement.
  • We will ensure that long-term structural, organizational and fiscal health of the unit by exploring all possible options. We will endeavor to become fiscally self-sufficient.
  • We will ensure that UHSM/Leeward Community College meets all accreditation standards and complies with all university, state, and federal rules and regulations.
  • UHSM/Leeward Community College will be a contributing organization in ensuring the health of our community, state, and society.

Last Updated: 08.30.2017