InCommon Certificate Program: UH ITS VMware Hosted Customers

This page provides instructions for VMware Hosted Customers to request for an InCommon SSL Certificate from ITS.

Choosing the Right Type of Certificate:

  • InCommon SSL Certificate (SHA-2): FREE
  • InCommon Multi-Domain SSL Certificate -or- Unified Communication Cert (SHA-2): $100/yr fee
  • InCommon Wildcard SSL Certificate (SHA-2): $200/yr fee

  1. Generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using the following example:

      Organization Name:
      Organizational unit:
      Country Code:
      State or Province:
      Common Name*
      University of Hawaii
      Your Department Name

    Note: InCommon/Comodo require that you create 2048-bit key pairs.
    All free SSL Certs will be issued as SHA-2, valid for (1) Year. Exceptions for the duration may apply only for customers that purchase the MD, UC or WC cert.

  2. Send the CSR to with the following information:
    • Cert Name:
    • Cert Type:
    • SANs (if applicable)
    • Issue Date:
    • Web Server Software (Apache, IIS7, etc):
    • Duration (1 or 2 yrs): 1 Year (for free SSLs)
    • Department Name:
    • Technical Contact's Name:
    • Technical Contact's Email:
    • Technical Contact's Phone#:
    • (The Technical Contact will be the recipient of the certificate)

  3. The Certificate will be requested on the issue date, but the Certificate Authority will make the final approval. Note: This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 business day. Once approved, the Technical Contact will receive an email with the certificate info.

    Instructions to install the certificate can be found at Comodo Support.

Technical Support

For any technical issues and troubleshooting, please contact Comodo directly:

  • Email: (24x7)
  • Web/Knowledge Base*: (24x7)
  • Phone: (888) 266-6361 / (703) 581-6361 (5:00AM–8:00PM EST, Mon-Fri)
*Note: you must register for your own account to take advantage of support.

If there are any questions regarding this program, please call Sandra Matsumoto at (808) 956-5783 or send email to