Matlab TAH Program

Information Technology Services (ITS) has established a new software program with The MathWorks, Inc. called the MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH). This system-wide software contract will provide all active UH faculty, staff and students with the "right to use" MATLAB and all available toolboxes until July 31, 2024. With the TAH contract in place, the ITS Site License Office will not be collecting funds for the previous site license program.

This program is made possible initially by the investments of several UH Manoa departments. During this contract term, a report will be conducted to assess usage by each campus. Departments that have a substantial user group will be asked to help fund this contract to help keep this program in place. If there insufficient support, the TAH Program will be not be renewed after this contract year and ITS will revert to requiring annual site license payments on a per user or device basis.

Products available under the Matlab TAH:

  • Aerospace Blockset
  • Aerospace Toolbox
  • Antenna Toolbox
  • Audio System Toolbox
  • Bioinformatics Toolbox
  • Communications System Toolbox
  • Computer Vision System Toolbox
  • Control System Toolbox
  • Curve Fitting Toolbox
  • Data Acquisition Toolbox
  • Database Toolbox
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Econometrics Toolbox
  • Embedded Coder
  • Financial Toolbox
  • Fixed-Point Designer
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
  • Global Optimization Toolbox
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
  • LTE System Toolbox
  • Mapping Toolbox
  • MATLAB Coder
  • MATLAB Compiler
  • MATLAB Compiler SDK
  • Neural Network Toolbox
  • Optimization Toolbox
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
  • RF Toolbox
  • Robotics System Toolbox
  • Robust Control Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • SimBiology
  • Simscape
  • Simscape Fluids toolbox
  • Simscape Multibody
  • Simscape Power Systems
  • Simulink
  • Simulink Coder
  • Simulink Control Design
  • Simulink Design Optimization
  • Stateflow
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox
  • System Identification Toolbox
  • Wavelet Toolbox
  • WLAN System Toolbox

FAQs for the Matlab TAH Program

How to get the Matlab TAH Software

  1. Go to: UH Manoa MATLAB Portal
  2. In the Download Now section, click on Get Started Now
  3. At the UH Login page, log in with your UH username and password.
  4. New Users: Create a MathWorks Account. After entering your information, you will be sent an email to verify this account. Log in with your newly created MathWorks Account to download the software.

    Returning users: Log in with your MathWorks Account information to download the software.

Shared computer/Computer Lab/Network Licenses: Please email the ITS Site License Office at to request for the appropriate licensing information.

Purchasing Matlab Software

If you do not have an active affiliation with UH, you have the option of purchasing the software directly from MathWorks.

If there are any questions regarding this program, please contact the ITS Site License Office at