Microsoft Licensing FAQs


What is a Microsoft product license?
A Microsoft product license grants a user the legal right to install and use the purchased software product.

For example, (1) license of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus will allow the installation and use Microsoft Office 2013 Pro on that (1) user's machine.

How many licenses do I need? Windows Desktop software: (1) license is valid for (1) computer only. If you need the Windows 8 Pro for (3) computers, then (3) Windows 8 Pro Licenses would need to be purchased.  

Office for Mac/Windows software: (1) license allows for the installation on (1) user's primary computer and a secondary installation on the user's portable device -or- home computer. (Use at home is strictly for work related use only.) The user of this (1) license may use the software on one licensed device at any given time.

Individual Product Use Rights can be found at:

If I purchase a Microsoft product license, is it a one-time charge or is there a recurring charge? When you purchase a Microsoft product license, you only pay a one-time charge. There are no annual charges.

The exception to this is if "Software Assurance" (SA) is purchased for the license. SA is an additional fee which serves as maintenance for that particular product. This is renewable when the SA period expires.

Who is eligible to participate in the Microsoft License Program? All UH departments, UH Foundation, EWC and UH affiliated research facilities are eligible to purchase licenses under this program. Use of the products must be for UH related use only. 

Personal purchases may be made from the UH Bookstore, other retail stores or from the Microsoft Online Store.

What is the Customer Information Sheet? The Customer Information Sheet is an ITS Site License form that must be completed and sent to ITS with the UH departmental payment (must have original signatures; no photocopies, scans or faxes are accepted). The contact information listed should be of the person that the order will be placed under. You may also list two additional people that are authorized to pick up software on the orderer's behalf if applicable.

If a Customer Information Sheet is not attached to the payment, the processing of your order may be delayed. This form can be found in the ordering instructions of each software's webpage. 

Should I buy a DVD media set? The software for Microsoft Office suites are available for loan (Office Standard/Pro for Windows and Office for Mac). However we do recommend for you to purchase at least one set of each product/version that you are purchasing licenses for, especially departments that are off-campus or on the neighbor islands. This will help eliminate the waiting period for borrowing software and additional shipping fees. All other products do NOT have installation software available for loan. You are required to purchase your own media set.


  • If you or your department has already purchased a media set under this licensing program, you may use it to install the licenses you are purchasing; you do not need to re-purchase the disc unless you are installing a different product/version.
  • Retail/OEM media, trial versions via download or pre-installed software on new computers will NOT work with the licenses purchased under this program. We recommend installing the software only with this licensing program's media.
  • We do not sell media for licenses that have not been purchased under this licensing program.

If I already have a CD/DVD (not from ITS), and want more licenses, can I use the same CD/DVD? Most likely not. Installation discs given with OEM or retail boxed products do not work with the UH Microsoft Licensing Program. To avoid licensing issues, we recommend the use of this licensing program's installation software for the licenses purchased. If the disc was purchased from another volume license program, it may work but there is no guarantee that it will.

Who do I make the payment out to? Departmental payments should be made out to:
(Note: there is no vendor code for this address)

University of Hawaii
Attn: ITS Site License Administrator
2520 Correa Road, IT Center
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Where do I send the payment to? The payment (along with the Customer Info Sheet) should be sent to:

University of Hawaii
Attn: ITS Site License Administrator
2520 Correa Road, IT Center
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

What are the abbreviations in the price list? Win 8 Pro = Windows 8 Professional
Win 8 Ent = Windows 8 Enterprise
Win 8 Pro = Windows 8 Professional
Win 8 Ent = Windows 8 Enterprise
Win 7 Pro = Windows 7 Professional
Win 7 Ent = Windows 7 Enterprise (equivalent to Ultimate)

What is the cost of a CD/DVD? Applications Pool---$25.00
Systems Pool--$25.00
Server Pool---$25.00

What if I want to use a previous version of a Microsoft product but the price list only has the current version? Microsoft only provides licenses for the current version of their products. However under this licensing program, you have the flexibility to use a previous version of the same product. This is called the downgrade option.

For example: you are not ready to use Microsoft Office 2010 Pro and prefer to use Microsoft Office 2003 Pro instead. You may purchase the Microsoft Office 2010 Pro license and request for the Office 2003 Pro version. The ITS site license office will provide you with the Microsoft Office 2003 Pro keycode for the installation (keycodes are version specific).

The benefit of this is when you are ready to move back up to Microsoft Office 2010 Pro, you may contact the ITS site license office and "exchange" the Microsoft Office 2003 Pro keycode for the 2010 keycode. You will need to uninstall the Microsoft Office 2003 Pro before installing the Microsoft Office 2010 Pro software.

Note: if you purchased a CD for Microsoft Office 2003 Pro, you may not exchange it for the Microsoft Office 2010 Pro DVD. The downgrade rule only applies to licenses only.

How do I get manuals? If you need assistance while using the Microsoft program, you can use the Help feature within the software. For example, in Office Suites, you can press the F1 key to bring up help and enter your question. If you need in depth assistance there are a wide variety of books that you can purchase either at the UH Bookstore or at any retail store. Otherwise, there are many videos and online documentation that you can search for on the internet.

Where do I go to pick-up or borrow software? Please make an appointment with the ITS site license office by calling (808) 956-2404 or send email to Please remember that only the authorized contacts listed on the customer information form will be allowed to pick up the software. If you need to designate someone else, please notify the site license staff that is setting up your appointment. The pick-up location is at the ITS Help Desk service window on the 1st Floor of the ITC Building at the UH Manoa campus. The person picking up the software must bring a photo ID for verification.

For those that are located off-campus or on a neighbor island, you may request to have borrowed/purchased software sent to you via Certified Mail.

What is a Client Access License (CAL) for the server products? If you purchase a server license, you also need to purchase client access licenses for every computer that will access the server. The server licenses under the UH Microsoft Licensing Program does not come with any CALs. 

For example, if you purchase Windows 2008R2 Server and there will be 8 computers accessing the server for file sharing and printer sharing, you need to acquire 8 Windows 2008 Server Client Access Licenses.

Note: the client access licenses are version specific so if you had Windows 2003 client access licenses, you may not use them on a Windows 2008 server.